The Space Queen strain is an illustrious hybrid that still holds a legendary position in the annals of time. This buzzing strain comes from crossing Romulan with Cinderella 99 to produce a high-yielding and resinous plant. Despite its many phenotypic variations, each version of Space Queen still typically represents a fruity aroma that has a tinge of piney pepper. Merry highs might accompany this strain that some say sends the mind racing.

For some reason, when you think of a spacey strain you usually think there might be some purple. The Space Queen strain, on the contrary, is a pleasant shade of light green with furry orange pistils showing up in more abundance on some phenos. The nugs are usually always very dense, with a mindbending amount of trichomes drenching its surface. Like cracking wet wood, breaking down a nug will unleash a flurry of creamy, fruity apple, and tart berry aromas.

There is no lab data available for the Space Queen strain to definitively place its dominant terps. But, looking at its parent strains, there are some easy inferences I can make. Both strains predominantly showcase myrcene and caryophyllene. The third terp for Romulan is pinene, while Cinderella 99’s is limonene. With the number of users that claim this strain to make you feel gleeful and euphoric, I’m led to believe that limonene might be the third terpene for Space Queen.

Space Queen Strain by Artizen

Image via @artizencannabis

Myrcene is a musky, hoppy, and sometimes bittersweet terpene that contributes to some of the Space Queen strain’s relaxing and calming qualities. Caryophyllene is the only terpene that interacts with our endocannabinoid receptors to produce anti-inflammatory effects. It has a peppery, cheesy funk to it that adds spiciness to any smoke. Limonene is a sweet and lemony terpene that is contributing to this strain’s fruitier flavors. It might also be giving Space Queen its mood-lifting effects.

Smoking on some of the Space Queen strain might give your brain an express ticket straight into space. The creamy vanilla and fruity flavors show up on the smoke, while the spicy cheese taste still makes its presence known. Those looking for potentially intense cerebral highs that offer a nice afternoon pick-me-up might find pleasure in this strain. Some of its therapeutic qualities might include stress relief, pain relief, and help with depression and anxiety.

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