The Respect My Region Fresh Drops playlist is our curated electronic dance music playlist. Our top brass works to make it a great resource for brand new house, dubstep, and trap released this year. With that in mind, I would like to feature five songs in the playlist and shine some light on the quality of the artists and their music.

Over the course of the next few months, I will be talking a little bit about the artists responsible and their backgrounds. And so, after some extensive vibe-analysis, here’s five tracks you definitely need to give a listen to.

EDM artist Grant Kwiecinski (a.k.a GRiZ) playing his saxophone.

Photo by Amber Kipp on Unsplash

GRiZ – Astro Funk [Dubstep]

GRiZ is by no means an unknown name. In fact, with two million monthly listeners on Spotify and a discography going back to 2011, GRiZ is more of a trend-setter in his field than anything. He has also worked alongside some of the most respected artists such as Pretty Lights and Gramatik.

His new track on our playlist takes some funky music theory and blends it with electronic production and instrumentation, finishing it all off in a standard dance/dubstep form. Astro Funk is the first on this list because it bumps hard on your woofers and shows off some soulful musicianship in between the downbeats.

EDM Fresh Drops: Songs to Look Out For in RMR’s Electronic Playlist

Americo Garcia of Boombox Cartel on Instagram

Boombox Cartel – Reaper (feat. JID) [Trap]

Boombox Cartel is a Mexican American DJ and writer duo that quickly garnered a lot of attention in 2015 with their single B2U. Six years later, with over one million monthly listeners, the duo proves they are as reputable as they are versatile. With their new single, Reaper, featuring J.I.D, they have single-handely established themselves as one of the biggest cross-over producers in EDM today.

This track hits heavy even when compared to past releases from BC, starting off with a crescendo from silence with an ominous riser, and building up to a roaring bass drop. With J.I.D’s feature, this is a track that I suspect will be going off even crazier live. It’s a no brainer that Boombox Cartel gets the pick for this slot. Check out our interview with Boombox Cartel from 2017 here.

EDM Fresh Drops: Songs to Look Out For in RMR’s Electronic Playlist

SIDEPIECE on Instagram

SIDEPIECE – Acrobatic [House/Trance]

This is the newest name on this list (so far), starting up around 2019. While they hail from America, the duo’s trance, club-type EDM beats are blowing up overseas, namely in Europe.

This track is nice and thick in the low-end and does a good job of putting the “dance” in “electronic dance music.” If you are someone who likes trance, house, or techno tracks, Acrobatic is a good pick for you, as well as the rest of SIDEPIECE’s discography.

Bailar Riddim by Simon Fava and Yvvan Back on YouTube

Simon Fava, Yvvan Back – Bailar Riddim [Techno/House]

A baller track with excellent sample work. Simon and Yvvan are both European EDM artists, coming from Germany and Italy respectively. This is a fairly upbeat house track with a lot of positive, productive energy to offer. We can definitely recommend Fava and Back to listeners who enjoy solid European house/club music, but also to anybody looking for a good track to keep the blood pumping.

enough by Vowl. and Take/Five on YouTube

Vowl., Take/Five – enough [Electro/Future Bass]

Another collaborative track, showing the skills of Australian suspect Vowl. and UK producer Take/Five. Not much can be found about these two, as Vowl. keeps a very deadpan social media presence. Take/Five seems to do his fair share of lurking as well. In actuality, this interlocks with the atmosphere presented by their track enough. This composition is ambient, but also hold a dark and ominous tone throughout.

This piece is in the fifth slot because it’s near the end of our Fresh Drops playlist, and it has a much more dynamic interpretation of the type of EDM we like to curate when compared to the other four. If you think you own a good pair of headphones, see how they treat the bass in this track to know for sure.

Once again, our playlist is updated weekly and always contains new music from new artists.

Hit up the links throughout the page to follow the artists mentioned here as well. Thanks for checking out our latest Top 5, and be sure to keep on jamming with us.

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