When looking for cannabis tinctures, you’re likely searching for a product that is fast-acting and easy to use. Something that can give you the benefits of cannabis without the smoke or the calories. The Remarkable CBD Spray Tincture by Green Revolution is just that.

The light citrus-flavored formula is a quick and effortless way of administering a cannabis tincture. If you’ve tried spray tinctures before, you know the benefits of this fast-acting cannabis product. In this case, with a CBD-focused strain, the medical benefits lie in the cannabinoids’ potential anxiety and pain-relieving properties. I found this Remarkable CBD Spray Tincture to check all of the boxes when it comes to easy-to-use cannabis tinctures.

An Ingredient List I Can Get Behind 

It is a little bit tough to critique the look and smell of a sprayable tincture. But, with tinctures that you administer under your tongue or in food, there are a few expectations that need to be met. Green Revolution’s Remarkable CBD Spray Tincture definitely hits those standards. In my experience, there was no overwhelming artificial smell. The liquid was a clear color, with no unnecessary additives. And the little smell that the sprayable CBD tincture did have, was light, citrusy, and appealing. 

The gentle citrus aroma comes from the organic lemon essential oil that is in this sprayable tincture. Added for a faint flavor, the essential oil is one of just four ingredients. I personally tend to purchase products with smaller ingredient lists, and this sprayable Remarkable CBD Tincture fits the bill. This tincture is a concentrated mix of cold-pressed coconut oil (MCT), full-flower sun-grown CO2 cannabis extract, stevia, and organic lemon essential oil. 

As for the taste of the Remarkable CBD tincture, I was also very pleased. There was only a faint hint of the lemon essential oil, which was nice for spraying the tincture directly under my tongue. I chose to use the sublingual absorption method, which tends to be more fast-acting in my experiences. You could also choose to spray the CBD tincture on food and go the digestive absorption route or use it as a topical.

The Remarkable CBD tincture is one of seven sublingual spray cannabinoid blends by Green Revolution. Each is crafted to target different benefits- sleep, mood elevation, mental clarity, etc.

Remarkable CBD Spray Tincture
Remarkable CBD Spray Tincture by Green Revolution

Unboxing The Remarkable CBD Tincture

The packaging for this product is clearly labeled with serving suggestions, directions and the cannabinoid blend of the tincture. This is always helpful as a budtender, making sure information is clear to customers. The small spray bottle within the box is also labeled with ingredients and cannabinoid measurements.

The sprayable Remarkable CBD tincture by Green Revolution contains 100mg of CBD and 10mg THC; each spray giving 2.5mg of CBD and .25mg of THC. Having the small amount of THC helps activate the CBD in your endocannabinoid system.

Additionally, the ability to choose lower or higher doses depending on tolerance is another benefit of this spray tincture. I chose to go for a standard dose with four sprays- which brought relief to my back pain and relaxed my body. As always, I suggest starting with a lower dose and slowly increasing if/when you’re comfortable. 

My Official West Coast Weed Tour Review 

For CBD tinctures, I was honestly very impressed by Green Revolution’s Remarkable Spray CBD blend. I’ve even been keeping this spray CBD tincture in my bag for on-the-go pain or anxiety relief. It is definitely a nice thing to keep on hand- and with just the small spray bottle, you can even just put it in your pocket! 

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