Seattle has never been a mecca for hip-hop. Sure we’ve sent one hit wonder pop songs to the top of the charts and cultivated an incredible local music scene. But as a city, we haven’t broken into the “mainstream” as a city yet. I constantly hear about the disadvantages of being from Seattle.
Rapper’s swear “If I was in Atlanta I’d be on.” Or “If Seattle had an industry like LA or ____ we’d all be getting bread.” While the local scene COULD benefit from an increased industry presence within the scene, these “disadvantages” are not unique to Seattle.
A couple months ago I connected with a Houston, TX rapper by the name of Stackztootrill. We started conversing about social media and music marketing and I was appalled to see the numbers he’s putting up and hearing about the lack of love in his city. This reinforced my thoughts that every city in the US has the same issues within the music industry. Gatekeepers and politics can really help hinder or push a local artist career.
Don’t ever use your city as an excuse. Even if they don’t support you it’s still possible to grind and get it. Look at Stackz for example, he’s making it work in a popping city without heavy features and love from the politics of the Houston scene.

Stackztootrill Interview With Respect My Region

RMR. Stakztootrill, first off whats good man? We’re a Northwest blog but through your work with Portland producer Trox, we connected. Introduce yourself to our readers and let em know where you’re from and what you represent.

Stackstootrill. Wassup Y’all this Stackztootrill I rep the Wave Music Group. My hometown Corpus Christi, Texas/the whole south Texas and my second home Houston, Texas.

Q. You’re from Houston. Explain the scene out there?
A. I’m originally from Corpus Christi but I been in and out of Houston for a long time. As far as the scene it seems cool. You got the OG’s still out here moving like Slim Thug. Z-ro, Trae ,Paul etc. It’s bubbling it just gotta break through and make a wave like when ‘Still Tippin’ dropped.
Q. What about the politics within the hip-hop scene down there?
A. Idk I really don’t get involved in the politics. But it do seem like shxt is based on relationships. I just do my own thing.
Q. A lot of up and comers swear their city holds them back, “it’s only like this in Seattle” or Portland, or Sacramento, whatever…The politics of the local scene can really help push your career or hold you back. You’re in Houston where there is a huge spotlight right now (or for a while lol). You’re putting up numbers on Spotify and Soundcloud, you got a movement in the city, but the gatekeepers haven’t quite opened up to you. Can you explain why you think that’s happening?
A. …Might be black balled, it might be I’m not plugged in with the right ppl but I don’t care about that I’ma just keep going hard making my way.
Q.. What kind of hurdle is that for your career and how has it affected how you move?
A. It don’t affect me it just make me grind harder and think of more creative ways to be heard.

Stackztootrill – Double Cup

Q. What can indie artist learn from your position and how can they harvest numbers and a following WITHOUT that love from the politics in their city?
A. Put your music on the internet. Everywhere. Give it to the ppl that support you in real life. They gotta rep for you like it’s theirs. That’s the way. Cause if your own don’t rep you who will?
They gotta rep for you like it’s theirs. That’s the way. Cause if your own don’t rep you who will?
Q. You’ve experienced a few things outside of not getting love in your city. Meek Mill‘s ‘I Got The Juice’ sounds verrry similar to your record ‘Juice.’ When you heard his record what was going through your head?
A. I was at the store shopping and my kin sent me a link to Instagram, like look at this meek post. I click the link and thought it was a shoutout cause the caption said I got the juice. Then I heard it and it was a different song. It tripped me out I ain’t know what to think. But before & after the ppl sent me a lot of songs that sound close to it. I got used to it. Ppl still send me songs they say sound like mine. I just feel like I must be doing something right.

Stackztootrill – Juice

Q. Your at a spot where you have momentum but your not “in the game” so a major rapper may hear of your music AND can rip it off. What can up and coming artist learn from that situation?
A. Bigger artist taking from the underground happens in Hip hop. It go in waves. I just try to keep evolving. If you pay attention to my music I have a signature sound but it’s all about versatility.
Q.  What moves you got coming up next?
A. Just dropped the wave tape not too long ago so promoting that and working on new music.
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Stackztootrill – Paranoid

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