Us stoners have been using the saying “Weed makes everything better” for ages to try to explain to others our enthusiasm about cannabis. While on one hand that isn’t entirely true (I wouldn’t want to smoke a heavy indica before having to finish a lot of busy work, or a potent sativa while trying to write an analytical research paper), this Stardawg strain by Sugarleaf is such a perfect hybrid, I can’t think of a scenario it wouldn’t enhance!

Reviewing Sugarleaf’s Stardawg Cannabis Strain

The love-child of Chemdawg #4 and Tres Dawg, Stardawg is a 40/60 Indica hybrid and when it’s coming from Sugarleaf, it boasts THC levels at 32.3%. Once you uncap the cool, sleek glass jar you’re hit with a unique profile of scents that I think are best categorized as orangey, pungent (classic weed smell), and a little earthy.

Dense, yet sticky and soft, the nugs are coated in twinkling trichomes, hence the “star” in “Stardawg”, that forewarns the potency of this strain. Although it is an aesthetically pleasing plant, the reason I’m dubbing this the “perfect hybrid” is due to its incredibly uplifting effects without any alteration to energy levels.

I threw the Stardawg in my pipe after heading up to my roof and after about 8-10 minutes of feeling some tingling in my eyes and fingertips, the high came and hit like Kam Chancellor on a poor, unsuspecting receiver going across the middle. Like I said, my body was already feeling the soothing effects of the strain, but now my mood and my thoughts were also happy as could be! I couldn’t help singing along to the music that had already been playing, the sunset became the most captivating thing, and I even agreed to play a game of beer-die although I had declined prior to hitting the Stardawg.

What was really cool about all this was that I didn’t become more energetic or sluggish, my energy stayed the same, but my mood was elevated tenfold. This means that whether you’re trying to go to bed or getting ready to go out for the night, Stardawg won’t hinder either prospect, it’ll just make it a much more enjoyable time! So next time you’re feeling a little “meh”, go grab some Stardawg and you’ll be back to your smiling self in no time.


Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • THC: 32.2%
  • CBD: 0%


Sugarleaf’s Stardawg Overview

  • Slightly Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Offspring of Chemdawg #4 and Tres Dawg
  • Extremely Uplifting, doesn’t affect energy levels
  • Flavor Profile: Sweet, Diesel, Whiffs of cotton candy
  • Scent Profile: Orangey, Pungent, Earthy


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