The Stay Dangerous Tour was one for the books. You could feel the energy just walking up to the entrance of the sold out show at WAMU Theater on a rainy Friday night. A few weeks leading up to the show YG was advertising “everybody wear red” all over Instagram and it worked out perfectly because the entire crowd was littered with all red fits making you feel like you were about to be apart of some large music video.

Out of all the shows I have been to, this is the most hyped I have ever seen a crowd. No one could stand still for two seconds from beginning to end. Even walking around people were giggin to their destination, making it all the more fun.

The show started off with Eearz, who has been on Mike WiLL Made-It’s last two albums, giving him some exciting songs for the lowest guy on the totem pole. I arrived about halfway through his set as I was trying to grab my media pass but the line was long with people trying to convince the ticket salesman to sell them a ticket to the sold out show. The highlight of Eearz set was during his last song. He got the two sides of the crowd to split and start a mosh pit in the middle as he started playing F.I.G.H.T. off of the Creed II album, his most notable song to date.

After Eearz set, the queen of 4Hunnid records herself came out and really got the crowd going. Kamaiyah came out rockin a custom purple and black jumpsuit and a smile that had the whole room cheesin. Everyone in the crowd was twerking and dancing to Kamaiyah’s entire set because how could you not?! If you are unfamiliar with her music she has an early 90s vibe that keeps your feet moving from the second she starts until the second she ends. “How Does It Feel” was the highlight of her set, in my opinion, as I have been wanting to hear that song live since it dropped almost 3 years ago and it did not disappoint to say the least.

After Kamaiyah, it rolled right into Mozzy’s set who was the main opener for the night. During Mozzy’s set there were fights and moshes breaking out every couple feet in the front of the crowd causing the security to ask all the photographers to leave the media section half way through the second song. Then during the next song someone ran across the stage and Mozzy decided to chase him down, but don’t worry, security had his back. Fortunately this didn’t ruin the set or even the song since he was still droppin bombs on the mike while he was chasing the guy. The whole scene was hilariously entertaining and no one got hurt in the process so it just added to the show.

DJ Vision came out to amp the crowd up before YG’s set. He did a phenomenal job, playing artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Sheck Wes, getting the crowd even more rowdy and hyped up then they previously had been that night. YG came out with some heavy hitters to start with, and played all of his hits old and new. About half way through his set he started talking to the crowd and wanted to let everyone know that we would all get back to the partying and being ignorant but that he wanted to take it to a serious note for a second.

This was probably my favorite part of the show, as he sat on a chair in the center of the stage with all the lights off but one red one on him. He then sat there while the entire “Free the Homies” interlude played and lead straight into bomptowns finest. I enjoyed this part of the show so much because after the two songs he made the entire venue get dead silent, in respect for friends that he has lost over the years, and I have never seen an artist be able get a crowd so rowdy to then get all 5,000+ of them to be dead silent.

After the silence he immediately got back to his party mode and finished out the show playing bangers only such as “My N***a”, “FDT”, “Toot It and Boot It”, “Why You Always Hatin?” and more. With these hits, everyone threw their middle fingers in the sky and said f**k the president proudly as YG talked his shit! The Stay Dangerous tour stop in Seattle was a rowdy sold out success and I would highly suggest going to see YG next time he is in town.

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