If you’ve taken one look at popular cannabis brands in California you’ve surely seen or heard of STIIIZY. They are a premium cannabis lifestyle brand that’s based out of LA with a celebrity look and feel. STIIIZY as a brand seeks to honestly represent the constant grind, yet chill mentality of Californians. This was the mission of founder James Kim who built the company over three years ago. Since late August of last year, they’ve brought their same unique and flashy charm into their STIIIZY Downtown LA cannabis dispensary. 

Walking into STIIIZY’s Downtown LA dispensary is like stepping into a futuristic cannabis-centric wonderland. Commonly referred to as the “Apple store of weed,” the dispensary is massive. The building itself is over 6,500 square feet. The inside is brimming with interactive features, photo-ops, and art such as their 29-foot installation by LA street artist RETNA. There’s also a light tunnel! The layout is a testament to the three I’s in their name to “Innovate, Inspire, and Influence.”

One of the hallmark products from STIIIZY is their customizable vape battery. It’s incredibly sleek and nearly indestructible. Customers will find a vape customization bar within the aesthetically pleasing STIIIZY Downtown LA dispensary. The store overall is state-of-the-art and offers a truly immersive experience. Also within the dispensary is a shop where customers can pick up STIIIZY merchandise and apparel. Many of these garments and their vapes have been worn or endorsed by celebrities. 

Customizable Vapes

You’ll find STIIIZY’s Downtown LA dispensary open seven days a week with warm and welcoming staff ready to help from 6am-9:50pm. Given the spacious nature of the dispensary, social distancing measures are easy to maintain. Either way, customers are still fully able to phone in orders for in-store or curbside pick up, or place them online via Weedmaps. They even have an announcement on their Weedmaps of a delivery service coming soon!

Visit STIIIZY Downtown LA’s Weedmaps To Place An Order!

Discounts & Store Credit

The early bird gets the worm at STIIIZY Downtown LA. They run daily specials from 7-8am, 9-10am, and 3-4:20pm. Those with valid military ID get $3 off their purchase, the same goes for anyone who’s celebrating their birthday. Medical patients are especially welcome at this store with a daily 5% off their purchase. 

To further incentivize their customers, STIIIZY has a store credit program that can help you save. 100 points is essentially equivalent to $1 in-store credit. Accumulating points obviously allows you to save big. Any time you leave a review for the store, you’ll get 100 points, and 300 points for referring a friend. Returning empty jars and containers for recycling will still get you 50 points. There’s basically always something that can get you store credit with each visit, even if you’re just bringing in old containers.

Premier Brands

Some of the most popular and trusted brands in California’s cannabis industry are found alongside STIIIZY’s own exclusive products at their flagship downtown LA dispensary. Considering the leading status of STIIIZY in many facets of legal California cannabis, they don’t just put any brands on their menu. We’re talking about a highly curated selection of sought after brands such as Sherbinskis, Buddies Brand, Exotic Genetix, The Cure Company, Alien Labs, Ember Valley, and more.

Product Recommendations

STIIIZY Downtown LA’s menu is a lot to drink in. There are plenty of options within each price range to find something special to take home. I’ll name off something from each category on the menu that I know would set me on the right path to stoney bliss. First, the cartridge selection is crazy, and STIIIZY naturally has many exclusive offerings from their brand to elevate or chill out your day. But for dabs, I saw they have the Blue Zkittlez Fresh Frozen Live-Resin from Buddies Brand. This strain has so many crazy sweet, sugary, and berry flavors that it’s an easy choice for me every time. 

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For flower, you can never go wrong with Sherbinskis’ classic Sunset Sherbert strain. This is the cultivar that largely rose their brand into stardom. You can grab an eighth for $55, which can be a little steep, but it’s well worth it. You’ll be delighted by its rich citrus and gassy flavors that may melt the body and enliven the mind.

Photo by @riotcraig

I’ve been all about the sweets lately with edibles, so let’s look at an infused beverage. Habit’s Mango Cooler is a refreshing thirst-quencher on a hot day, as well as a potential mood lifter. This delicious sparkling beverage comes with 100mg of THC in it to really kick you into gear.

Last but not least, the topical options are abundant enough to find what you’re looking for. Mary’s Medicinals has a CBD Muscle Freeze that I’d love to try. I’m usually all about high THC in my topicals but I’d be curious to see the effectiveness of the CBD on relieving some of my regular back pain.

Daily Deals



WAX WEDNESDAY – 20% off on ALL concentrates INCLUDING pods and cartridges

TOKE UP THURSDAY – 20% off on all flower and CBD products 

LIIIT FRIDAY – 20% off on all flower

STIIIZY SATURDAY – 20% off STIIIZY pods, batteries, LIIIL disposables and apparel    

SUNDAY FUNDAY – 20% off STIIIZY LIIIL, BIIIT, pods, and apparel

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