STIIIZY is a premium cannabis lifestyle brand in California based out of LA that has all the glitz and glam of Hollywood. The brand was founded in 2017 by California-native James Kim with a praiseworthy mission, to represent the true hard working yet laid-back lifestyle of Californians with their brand and cannabis products. With the opening of their STIIIZY DTLA dispensary, they’re continuing to grow rapidly.

The three I’s in STIIIZY stand for innovate, inspire, and influence, which they’ve certainly done in their three short years. On Saturday, August 24th, they formally opened their flagship experiential retail store in downtown Los Angeles. The STIIIZY DTLA is a sight to behold, housed in a sprawling warehouse in the heart of downtown. The building itself is over 6,500-square-feet and boasts a state-of-the-art immersive cannabis buying experience.

Also known as the “Apple store of weed,” the shop has aesthetically pleasing features such as a 29-foot installation by popular LA street artist RETNA, a custom LED light tunnel and a vape customization bar. They also offer their STIIIZY brand merchandise and apparel that’s often worn or endorsed by celebrities.

Throughout the quarantine, STIIIZY DTLA has been working harder than ever to continue providing DTLA with premium products. They’re open daily from 6am-9:50pm, serving medical and recreational customers with valid identification.

Stiiizy is firmly encouraging social distancing for the safety and well-being of staff, as well as their customers.

They’re also taking phone and Weedmaps orders for pick-up in order to decrease wait times and help skip the line. We recommend you phone into the store for curbside orders. Do keep in mind there are no add-ons for pickup/curbside orders. What you asked for originally is what you’re going to get when they bring you your order outside.

Visit STIIIZY DTLA’s Weedmaps To Place An Order!

STIIIZY’s Flagship Downtown Dispensary Is The Perfect Introduction To LA’s Celebrity And Influencer Cannabis Community

First-Time Customers & Discounts

STIIIZY offers multiple discounts to customers whether it’s your first time in the store, your birthday, or you have your military ID.

They offer 10% off for every first-time visitor to the store which cannot be stacked on top of any other deals. If it’s your birthday or you have a military ID, you get $3 off your purchase. Medical patients with valid state-issued cards also receive 5% off as well, plus Stiiizy runs “early bird” specials from 7-8am, 9-10am, and 3-4:20pm.

Store Credit

STIIIZY downtown LA offers a favorable store credit incentive for customers. When you leave a review for the store you get 100 points store credit. Similarly, if you refer a friend you receive 300 points store credit. Additionally, for each container you return you get 50 points.

Every 100 points you receive essentially represents $1 in-store credit. These credits accumulate over time on your in-store account, and can be used in any increment to discount your future purchases. This is one of the many ways that STIIIZY DTLA has been able to establish such a strong brand presence and loyalty.

Popular Brands At STIIIZY DTLA

In addition to housing their own exclusive line of cannabis products including flavorful and potent distillate cartridges, the STIIIZY DTLA store carries over 55 California brands. As one of the leading faces of cannabis culture in California, STIIIZY downtown LA has high standards for the brands they carry.

You’ll find customer-favorites such as Buddies Brand, Sherbinskis, Alien Labs, The Cure Company, Ember Valley, 710 Labs, Wonderbrett, and Exotic Genetix on their menu.

STIIIZY’s Flagship Downtown Dispensary Is The Perfect Introduction To LA’s Celebrity And Influencer Cannabis Community

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Delivery Service Coming Soon!

On the STIIIZY DTLA Weedmaps page, you’ll notice an announcement of some new things coming to the store. In addition to soon offering a delivery service, there will also be newsletter subscriptions and even an express lane. STIIIZY is constantly innovating the way they create their own cannabis products as well as how they approach the retail experience.

Daily Deals



WAX WEDNESDAY – 20% off on ALL concentrates INCLUDING pods and cartridges

TOKE UP THURSDAY – 20% off on all flower and CBD products 

LIIIT FRIDAY – 20% off on all flower

STIIIZY SATURDAY – 20% off STIIIZY pods, batteries, LIIIL disposables and apparel    

SUNDAY FUNDAY – 20% off STIIIZY LIIIL, BIIIT, pods, and apparel

Visit STIIIZY’s Website To Learn More

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