We’ve teamed up with Soulshine Cannabis to present the ‘Seattle’s Most Stoned Emcees’ playlist. A collection of our favorite records from Gifted Gab, Kung Foo Grip, Yodi Mac, and WebbWavvy.

In preparation for our upcoming September 27th event at Nectar Lounge in Seattle, we’ve curated a playlist of 40 songs from the most stoned emcees out of the Seattle metro area. Each artist on this playlist has etched a name in Seattle’s music scene and smoke circles alike. While we limited ourselves to Soundcloud we still found 10 dope tracks from each artist.

Seattle’s Most Stoned Emcees Playlist: Powered By Soulshine

Playlist curated by Taylor Hart

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See the lineup come to life September 27th at the Nectar Lounge, grab your tickets before it sells out!

Seattle's Most Stoned Emcees Playlist: Powered by Soulshine Cannabis

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