Crystal Mountain has received snow. Stevens Pass got snow from top to bottom today. Baker has had a bit of snow for the last week or so. The season is coming. Get your skis or snowboards ready. Whether you ski, snowboard, or just go to support a friend as they barrel down the mountain. Getting stoned on the slopes enhances the experience. There is an overwhelming amount of choices available. Respect My Region has compiled some of our favorites and delivered some pros and cons for each of our choices.

Ghost MV1

This vape is FANCY. It syncs to your phone and comes with an app. There is even a clip that you can load multiple cartridges full of ground cannabis or concentrate. The app allows you to set the exact temperature that you want as well as save a few favorite temperatures. The only downside to the Ghost is the size, this would definitely feel bulky in a jacket. If you’re someone that rides with a backpack, definitely check this one out.

Respect My Region's: Best Method To Get Stoned On The Slopes


Pax has 3 separate varieties that increase in cost as you go. As you climb up in price the advantages definitely increase. The Era is designed for concentrates and has three different temperature settings. The cartridges only come in half gram varieties and are a bit high in price when you factor in the cost of a lift ticket and other necessities for the day. There is one Pax that offers a variety of settings and connects with your phone, the Pax 3 offers users the opportunity to smoke flower and oil at a steep price tag. Pax’s lineup is definitely worth checking out for a sneaky toke riding the lift up or mobbing down the slopes.


Bombing down the mountain can be dangerous. If you catch an edge you could go tumbling down, losing your skis, poles, and anything else in your pockets. This is where cartridges and cheap batteries take the cake. The convenience offered by these is second to none. That comes at a cost. There are drastic inconsistencies with cartridges, some of them work without issue while others require some manipulating to work correctly. The variety of flavors gives you the chance to mix things up while you shred. You can swap between CBD and THC depending on how you’re feeling.


While riding the mountain you can also get away with smoking blunts, joints, and pipes. The trees offer enough protection to sit down somewhere for a session. Purchase plastic tubes at your local smoke shop or recycle them from previous joints to protect your joints or blunts. Or you can purchase pre-rolled joints from your local cannabis store before heading up the mountain. Getting stoned on the slopes isn’t complete without a session in the trees.

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