Looking For A Last Minute Halloween Costume? Or, how about a Halloweed costume? If you’re reading this, you probably smoke weed. Or consume cannabis in some regard. And in proper stoner fashion, you might not have a costume prepared for this Halloween weekend. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. In the vast collection of creatively-named cannabis strains, there are some sure costume winners. 

Well, we are here to help bring those cannabis strain Halloweed costumes to life. This list of five strain-inspired fits might provide some insight into your Halloween wardrobe this year. Why sacrifice your aesthetic with a lame costume when you can easily incorporate some weed puns and get people chuckling all night? 

Whether you’re attending socially distanced Halloween events, or checking in with friends through video chats, you’re sure to get a kick out of these adult costumes. Most of these last-minute options can even be thrown together in a last-minute Halloween effort- so no need for intricate planning. You can also explore more stoner-inspired Halloween costumes here.

Eight Strain-Inspired Hallo-weed Costume Ideas

Blue Dream

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Slink into your Halloween festivities with this cozy cannabis-inspired costume. While Blue Dream is a Sativa-leaning strain, this costume is playing on the sleepy vibe of the strain name. Get daydreamy with this easy Blue Dream strain look. 

What you’ll need:

  • Blue robe and/or pajamas
  • Sleeping eye mask
  • Messy hair and no make-up
  • Slippers
  • A gram of Blue Dream cannabis

Dog Walker

Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash

Do you have a dog? Maybe even a stuffed dog? Well, this costume choice is quite the obvious one. If you have a pet, you won’t even need to really dress up, but rather attach a leash to your furry companion. If you don’t have a live barking friend, just use some string or wire to attach to a stuffed animal instead- nobody will even be able to tell the difference. This is also a perfect costume for your dogs- dogs walking dogs??? What!

What you’ll need-

  • A dog or stuffed animal dog
  • String or wire
  • Optional: dramatic walking outfit (sneakers, sweatbands, step counter, water bottle)
  • A bag of Dog Walker cannabis

Grand Daddy Purple

Photo Via. WikiLeaf

“Don’t worry sweetie, Grandpa is here to load you a bit fat bowl of that good kush. I have been smoking pot for 60 years, I know what good weed really is.”

For this strain-inspired Halloween costume, just put yourself in your stoner grandpa’s shoes. Literally. Throw on those velcro loafers, some purple high-water trousers, a purple sweater vest, and a lush beard. Just deck yourself out in a dramatic purple fit and grab a cane. Embody that grandpa energy, I believe in you. 

What you’ll need

  • Purple trousers, sweater, and jacket
  • Purple shoes, socks, hat, etc.
  • A cane
  • A beard
  • A bowl packed with Grand Daddy Purple cannabis 

Velvet Kush

Photo by MontyLov on Unsplash

This one is pretty straight forward. I am sure you can figure out how to bring this one to fruition. One word: velvet. Throw on as much of the soft, fuzzy, and colorful cloth as possible. Ideally wrap yourself in shades of green, purple, and maybe a little orange. You can maybe even stick some weed leaves on for an additional weed costume bonus. 

What you’ll need

  • Velvet (shirts, pants, hats, jumpsuits, socks, tights, etc.)
  • Paper or fabric cannabis leaf cut-outs
  • A bowl of some Velvet Kush

Ghost Dawg

Photo by Tandem X Visuals on Unsplash

Another simple last-minute strain-inspired costume coming your way. This one requires minimal prep work, besides maybe picking up a white sheet. Ghost costume? Easy. Dog costume? Easy. Now let’s combine them. Easily transform into Ghost Dawg with a set of puppy ears and a ghost-like white sheet. Try not to spook your friends with this identity-disguising Halloweed fit- it’s so good they won’t even be able to tell it’s you!

What you’ll need

  • White sheet
  • Dog ears (or a headband and some construction paper)
  • Black paint (for painting the dogs face on the sheet)
  • An eighth of Ghost Dawg cannabis

Girl Scout Cookie

Image: Lorelyn Medina, via Adobe Stock

You finally get to live out your Girl Scout dreams, lucky you. But without the stress of troop-moms or cookie sales. This simple costume can be thrown together with brown bottoms, a green sash, a yellow shirt, and a green beret. While you might not be able to get your hands on any girl scout cookies this season, this costume will get you in the troop spirit. This strain-inspired costume will get you feeling cute and ready to hit the town… or your virtual Halloween party. 

What you’ll need

  • Brown trousers or skirt
  • A green sash (with pins/patches ideally)
  • A white or yellow shirt
  • A green beret (or another hat)
  • An eighth of GSC flower 

Alien OG

Photo by Brooke Denevan on Unsplash

Get out of this world with this simple strain-inspired Alien OG Halloween costume. This one might require a bit of make-up, but the extraterrestrial energy is truly worth it. Think metallic green and purple shades, shimmery silver accessories, and space-buns or antennas. This strain would also fit nicely with a scary alien movie marathon. Check out our spooky strain and Halloween movie guide here!

What you’ll need

  • A silver hat or wig
  • Fitted silver, green and purple clothing (leggings, tights, leotards, jumpsuits, etc.)
  • Metallic make-up, body paint, and sparkles
  • Shimmery antennas or a space-bun hairstyle


Photo by James Cheung on Unsplash

All aboard! This train is headed right for your worst nightmares. With this one, we’re getting a bit scarier. For this strain-inspired Halloween costume, we’re getting a little bit darker. Imagine a train conductor, post-wreck. Blue stripes overalls, a train conductor hat, and a whole lot of fake blood. 

What you’ll need

  • Stripes overalls (preferably baggy and blue/white)
  • Train conductor-style hat
  • Fake blood or red paint
  • A couple of grams of Trainwreck flower

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