The holiday season is often filled with gifts and joyous time spent with friends and family. For many homeless veterans however, this time of year is more difficult than ever as temperatures decrease and daily struggles become more difficult to overcome.

A local clothing company has dedicated their brand’s core message to supporting these North West veterans who are currently suffering from homelessness and PTSD. Midnight Raver Clothing is run by a team of dedicated veterans with the central goal of helping other suffering veterans.

MRC offers a selection of dance music themed apparel that has become quite recognizable in the Pacific North West dance music scene. There team is growing all the time thanks to growing support from other veterans, local artists, and fans of dance music everywhere.

The Midnight Raver Clothing team is currently working on a clothing drive with local DJ duo, BL3R, that is scheduled for December 16th out at Seattle Central College.

Between 10AM and 2PM you can help give back to those veterans who are struggling to live a higher quality of life thanks to PTSD and other difficult circumstances.  We ask that you take the items you are donating to Seattle Central College which is located at 701 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122.

Help #SupportVetsInTheNW by donating or purchasing some of the clothing available on their website!

If you don’t really have things to donate or maybe you find yourself looking for an awesome Christmas gift for yourself or a family member, we recommend hitting up the MRC website for a fresh tee, tank, hat, or Galaxy beanie!

My favorite item from Midnight Raver Clothing is their Galaxy Beanies!