Alright. Buckle up. Secure those headphones on tight, or hold onto your seat. Do whatever you need to do to prepare yourself. Suzi Analogue’s newest release is hitting a little different. “Conversation Starter” is more than just its awe-striking drums and captivating basslines

This masterpiece encapsulates the entrancing auditory genius of Suzi Analogue and her Miami electronic scene. With support from INVT, JAIALAI, and KIYOMI, the beloved Rabian Ahmad, this fresh track is a serious vibe. High energy in all the right ways. Hard drums and whimsical vocals in all the right ways. Suzi Analogue really did us right with this one.

A Banger Worthy Of Re-Release

Blooming from a studio session in 2018, Conversation Starter was initially commissioned for the iiiPoints music festival. In 2019, the track was released in a compilation series. After recent events, it’s being brought back into rotation through Suzi Analogue’s platform.

What started as a blind studio session two years ago, resulting in a multi-dimensional, mind-bending soundscape of Suzi Analogue and INVT energy.

You get the hard breaks and dub techno inspiration from INVT. The dreamy psychedelic rock notes from JAIALAI. The gentle and soothing lyrical caress of Rabian Ahmad. All wrapped up into a brilliant four-minute and twenty-seven-second Bandcamp release. 


There is more to this track than just the way it rattles your brain and massages your soul. Conversation Starter is released in memory of Rabian Ahmad. The eclectic and multifaceted artist and musician, known by the name KIYOMI, passed away on August 1, 2020

“Rabiah was a beloved daughter, sister, creator, and true friend to all who encountered her,” read the track’s description on Bandcamp. “Her and her child’s murder has shocked the entire world.”

Rabian Ahmad was shot in her own home in Columbia, Maryland. Her daughter was delivered prematurely, passing away four days later. All proceeds for Conversation Starter on Bandcamp will be donated to her family, for the days moving forward. Here is where you can donate beyond Bandcamp.

A Beat To Lose Yourself In

Photo Via. Bandcamp

“Conversation Starter” features the blissful vocals of Rabian Ahmad over hyphy uptempo bass, encapsulating the hypnotizing tone of the track well. Suzi Analogue, INVT, JAIALAI, and KIYOMI really created some form of electronic magic with this one. 

You’ll lose yourself in the heavy beat as KIYOMI’s angelic voice tugs on your heartstrings- melting you into the breaks and grooves of the hard drums. You can listen to it on the compilation mix below or head to her Bandcamp for a more intimate re-release feel.

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