Brothers Jacob and Victor Andersson are the talented individuals that make up the Swedish electronic group, ManyFew. The rising duo comes from the same town as one of the worlds most popular electronic group, Swedish House Mafia. With many different hot singles beginning to gain traction all around the world, only time will tell until ManyFew start to come to the forefront of electronic music. Enjoy our exclusive interview with the brothers and be sure to check out their official music video for their single, How Would You Know below. For more information on ManyFew, catch up with them on Instagram or Twitter for all the latest releases.

RMR: How did you guys first get into making music? And at what age?
MF: We started as DJs and then went into making music. It felt like a natural step to take from Djing to start making mashups of existing tracks. We were teenagers when we started producing just for fun and a couple of years later we did it more seriously, think we were around 20 years old. We remember we thought it was very difficult at first to programming all the sounds but step by step we improved our skills.

RMR: Whose sound has inspired what you’ve been able to come up as your own?
MF: We have always been listening to a wide range of genres from pop to urban, disco, funk so we got inspiration from everywhere. We are big fans of Daft Punk and how they are sampling music, Swedish House Mafia has been a big inspiration too. We are also inspired by records produced by Max Martin to name a few.

RMR: What’s one piece of advice for someone looking to pursue their dreams of becoming a DJ?
MF: Be yourself and believe in yourself, have persistence and do what you feel is right. And the most important things of all, have fun!

RMR: If you guys weren’t DJ/producers, what do you think your profession would be?
Jacob: I have a master degree in Business from Stockholm University so maybe I should say a marketer or so BUT I have always been fascinated about aviation so I would say a pilot.
Victor: I have also studied at the university, psychology, and mathematics but I love to cook so I had been working as a chef.

RMR: Could you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind ‘Ibiza’? What ignited the idea to re-collaborate with Twiggy? 
MF: Last summer we made the guitar riff of the track and felt it was something special with it but at that time we hadn’t any further plans of using it…In May this year we were in London for a studio session with Twiggy and played the riff for her and she totally loved it. When we work with Twiggy we often have a great workflow together and actually, it was the same thing with this song. We wrote the track in only a few hours.

RMR: If you aren’t making music, what can you two be found doing for fun? 
MF: We really like running. During the summer we love to spend some time on the beach. We both love to cook and barbecue. Also, we love to travel and see new places.

RMR: What has been a highlight in your careers so far? Like a moment that has stuck out to you more than others?
MF: We are trying to enjoy as much as we can of all those micro-moments 🙂 But one highlight was definitely when we first time received great support from top DJs and Radio Stations. Another highlight was when we first time entered iTunes Main Chart Italy at top 10 and also rocketed to number #10 on Music Week’s Club Chart.

RMR: What’s one thing that you’ve had to overcome in the last couple of years while establishing yourselves as artists?
MF: Never give up! There are moments when you are struggling and it can feel like you haven’t made any progress in the studio for a long time but that’s not the truth. You need to overcome those moments to make it happen and appreciate what you’re doing!

RMR: If you could work with any other artist in the world, who would it be?
MF: Well right now we would say Silk City with Diplo and Mark Ronson. We really like their productions and their funky disco style. 

RMR: What would you guys like to accomplish as artists with influence and an audience?
MF: We want to share our joy we have for dance music with the audience, spread energy and uplifting music to the dance floors!

RMR: What could we expect from ManyFew in the next several months to come?
MF: In the next coming months we are going to release some new tracks. Actually, we have a release coming up very soon 🙂 also some gigs and new tutorials. During Christmas, we are planning to do something special for our fans.

RMR: Last question here, when could we expect a visit from you to Seattle, Washington!?
MF: We would love to come visit soon! We have never been to Seattle but we have heard many good things about the city and the beautiful nature. Since we have a big passion for aviation we know you have The Museum of Flight. Also, we have heard about the Space Needle and the restaurant at the top.
Swedish Electronic Duo ManyFew – How Would You Know