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Swedish House Mafia Soars With New Powerful Anthem “Lioness”

Swedish House Mafia, the legendary electronic music trio responsible for countless dance floor anthems, has finally released their much-anticipated single “Lioness.” Coming on the heels of their reunion in 2021, “Lioness” is a powerful and uplifting track that promises to reignite their reign over the EDM scene.

“Lioness” wastes no time grabbing hold of the listener with its pulsating bassline and driving diatonic A major synth chords. Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello, the members of Swedish House Mafia, are known for their ability to craft infectious melodies, and “Lioness” is no exception. The song’s soaring vocals, delivered by an anonymous singer, add a layer of drama and emotion to the track.

While “Lioness” retains the signature elements of Swedish House Mafia’s sound, (anthemic melodies and a massive stereo picture) the unconventional use of pan-flute and chopped vocal samples could possibly be hinting at a new direction for the trio.

Unveiling the Gritty Roots of Swedish House Mafia

Swedish House Mafia (SHM) wasn’t always the polished dance music juggernaut they are today. Formed in the late 2000s, the trio – Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso – rose to prominence with a sound that defied easy categorization. They took the raw energy of punk and infused it with elements of classic house music, creating a sound that was both gritty and euphoric.

Tracks like “One (Your Name)” and “Don’t You Worry Child” became anthems for a generation of dance music fans, drawing them to massive live shows renowned for their intense energy and theatrical elements. An excellent timeline documenting Swedish House Mafia’s history can be found here on

However, after a meteoric rise, SHM disbanded in 2013, leaving a void in the EDM scene. Highlights from their last show, appropriately titled “The Last Show”, can be found below. Although Steven Angello confirmed a reunion at Ultra Mexico back in 2018, Swedish House Mafia’s reunion actually happened at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, not Ultra Mexico in 2018. It was a surprise appearance that marked the end of their five-year hiatus and the official kick-off to their reunion.

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Enter “Lioness,” their latest single. While it retains the undeniable SHM elements – driving basslines, soaring melodies, and a stadium-sized production – “Lioness” hints at a new direction. The organic percussion and driving basslines add a raw power reminiscent of their earlier work, while the ethereal vocals add a touch of mystery, hinting at a more mature sound.

Swedish House Mafia "Lioness" Cover Art
Cover art of “Lioness”. Photo via EDMTunes

“Lioness” feels like a bridge between SHM’s past and present. It’s a familiar yet evolved sound, a roar that reminds us why they were kings of the dance floor, and a promise of exciting things to come.

The phrase “Lioness” as a “roar” evokes the power and intensity of SHM’s earlier music. This could refer to the aggressive basslines, pulsating synths, or the overall energy that made them “kings of the dance floor.” “Lioness” seems to recapture that energy, reminding listeners why SHM once dominated the dance music scene.

However, “Lioness” doesn’t simply dwell on the past. The description also suggests it’s a promise of exciting things to come. This could mean the song hints at a fresh direction for their sound, perhaps incorporating new genres or collaborations with other artists. “Lioness” might be the opening track or a lead single for a larger project, serving as a teaser for what fans can expect from SHM’s future work. It could spark anticipation for a new album or tour.

This new single is sure to be a hit with longtime fans of Swedish House Mafia, but it’s also likely to win over a new generation of electronic music lovers. “Lioness” is a powerful and evocative track that is perfect for both home listening and dance floor domination. With this release, Swedish House Mafia reminds us why they are one of the most important forces in electronic music today.

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