Sweet Canna Collection is a CBD wellness brand that has a certain organ in mind for their products’ reach. Skin is the largest organ we possess and protects our vital bodily processes from viruses, bacteria, in sum, the world really.

Skin is the first line of defense in our personal wellness and its one of the last things many of us think of when it comes to self-care. While you can go find isles full of beauty products at your local department store, people are quickly turning to online products that have simplified ingredients lists full of organic ingredients like herbs and essential oils.

Sweet Canna Collection’s Origins

The idea for Sweet Canna Collection started in the medical field. Sweet Canna Jay has been a nurse for nine years specifically treating wounds and caring for people’s skin, which is where the skincare passion sprung up.

“I’ve been a nurse for over nine years, so I understand the relationship between your skin and your overall health,” Jay says.

Jay had an idea of creating a therapeutic product for all of the medical professionals she was surrounded by. This made it extremely important to be transparent with her use of cannabidiol (CBD) in the products and to only use pure third party tested isolates and full-spectrum oils.

Sweet Canna Collection's Nurse-Inspired CBD Products Aim To Improve Your Skin Health

Skin Focused Products

Sweet Canna focuses on small batches to avoid stuffing their products with preservatives, they’re not worried about shelf life. “We create holistic care solutions and therapeutic products to nurture and balance your skin,” Jay says. “Because when your skin feels good, we feel good too. “

Sweet Canna’s collection consists of CBD-based candles, lotions, bath bombs, and massage oils. However, it’s the CBD massage candles that shine brightest out of this product line. The candles release aromatics into the air which relieves stress and anxiety. The “wax” doubles as a topically applied massage oil.

“The difference between my candles and using a regular balm or lotion is when you add heat to the candle it opens your pores, and the oils and natural butters I use penetrate the skin a lot deeper,” Jay explains.

After you light the candle and the wax pools into the tin, you blow out the ember and pour the oil directly on your hand and apply it like a topical. This product can be used on the solo tip but excels during date night. “It gets very romantic too if you want it to be,” Jay says.

The candles double as a warming massage oil

Because when your skin feels good, we feel good too. ”

-Sweet Canna Jay

Terpene Power

“Soothing, relaxing, and calming” isn’t just a slogan on the box, they’re medically supported side-effects of the ingredients. Peppermint, lavender, and orange oils all have different effects. Lavender is very calming for the nose and skin. Lavender contains the terpene linalool which is known for its sedative and analgesic properties. “Peppermint is great for muscle aches, and the orange increases reduction of blemishes and is uplifting because of the terpinolene and limonene,” Jay explains.

Sweet Canna Collection's Nurse-Inspired CBD Products Aim To Improve Your Skin Health

Sweet Canna Collection Is For EVERYONE

Jay initially designed these products to be female-centric but found a lot of males love it too. One guy even uses the CBD oil as a pomade for his hair.

“I work with spas and a lot of yogis, because I notice that using the product brings a lot of soothing, calming, and relaxing energy,” Jay continues, “so I think of massage, yoga, meditation, and try to deliver my product to those people that understand the healing potential.”

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