Swnky is an artist from Atlanta that has recently made Seattle his home. The avant-garde punk rap star has just let loose his third conceptual collection of songs that undoubtedly stand out. This third EP, “Inception,” is part of a four record theological journey that may become a soundtrack to a self-produced film. Swnky is a fully round artist in that it isn’t just about the bars or the entrancing melodic lines. Each image, line, beat, title, and message is precise and purposeful.

The idea of inception, reaching consciousness within a dream, is tantamount to this 4-track project. Swnky spent three months gestating on the songs and components that ultimately made the cut for this mini-soundtrack. In the wake of adjusting to his new surroundings, “Inception” is also representative of how Seattle life has affected him. Swnky made mention that “this body of work means so much to me because I’m finally ready to dream and be awake through it all.” He said, “it’s my new beginning!”

From the eerie, yet visceral cover art for “Inception” you can already get a sense of what Swnky has in store for you. The music could be described as bottled chaos with a swirl of dark, depression-fueled outcries to find an answer or a reason to dance. You’ll hear a slew of auto-tune driven and pensive lines about having trouble escaping one’s own mind. This is the kind of music that can send you straight into your feelings or a head-nodding trance.


The beat selection spans a multitude of vibes in just four tracks. You’ll hear boppy booms and baps with playful synth leads over top on one song. Then a sultry acoustic guitar sample will take the lead on the next. Some of the beats even remind me of something a younger, more frustrated Wiz Khalifa may choose.

The overall vibe throughout the small collection of songs is an ethereal paranoia that rings around your head sometimes happily, sometimes critically. See how “Inception” hits you below and keep your eyes on Swnky’s next big move. He’s close to breaking 500k streams on Soundcloud, at which time he plans to make his mainstreaming platform debut.

Swnky – “Inception” EP

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