The 2019 edition of SXSW is officially over. The post-event networking has already ramped up to full speed. The panels and meetups were invaluable and featured a diverse collection of entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world.

With so many new ideas and perspectives bouncing around, there was electric energy each and every day. ASCAP, Complex, Patreon, and VEVO were just a few of the big name brands that were helping to share their perspective and experience at the SXSW music events.

In my opinion, some of the key advice focused on making sure your artistry was monetizing itself in every way possible. As well as, strategizing and executing more behind the scenes content.

Leveraging video content on Patreon and VEVO are two avenues that many artists and brands haven’t fully grasped. People have a misconception that you should focus all your attention on Youtube, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In all actuality, that isn’t the full spectrum required for professional distribution and monetization.

As a creative who works with artists, publications, technology, etc, there is no doubt in my mind that every single music and tech event can provide major opportunities for high-level networking. Artists aren’t just gaining access to a person or brand. They’re also learning about new resources that can potentially propel their career to new heights. Getting a better understanding from professionals who have worked with creatives, truly helps to connect the dots and open new doors.

We were able to gain insight on current trends and information from companies that are doing all kinds of exciting things in music. I personally learned a ton about music monetization methods in the digital space and came across professionals from multiple companies who are using various forms of artificial intelligence and data to curate content and music in new ways.

Needless to say, if you’re an artist or creative that is trying to do big things in the realm of music, SXSW is 100% an event you should consider attending. Just make sure you bring about 1000 business cards or you’re going to be that person who isn’t prepared.