Tanaa Money is feeling himself in his “Grimey 90s” video directed by Yung Tada. The South Seattle artist is proud of the grime that is associated with the city from the ’90s. A truly exciting era, that still influences and inspires artists today. Tanna does just that in his track putting his flow and experiences over a classic sounding, yet modern, West Coast beat. He definitely has some of that fuck the system vibe that was so popular in the ’90s. Popping bottles while standing on the rim of a basketball hoop. Just a general gooning it up with the squad vibe. One of my favorite parts about this video is how Tanna Money not only brings out the crew for the video. But they are also incorporated into the track echoing out parts of Tannas lines.

Tanaa Money – “Grimey ’90s”

This track will get the whole block party bumping. We got bottles, we got blunts and we got bars. What more do you need for a good ass day with the homies? You don’t need some female blowing up your line or getting in your ear. Just turn that shit to “do not disturb,” turn the speakers up, and do you.

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