The holiday season is underway and Green Friday is just around the corner. That means it’s time to stock up on some favorite cannabis products. In the West Coast cannabis market, there is a lot to choose from, so I am here to help. I have compiled a women-focused guide to assist you on your Green Friday stock-up. 

Not sure what I mean when I say Green Friday? Well, think Black Friday deals… but for cannabis and cannabis products. This catalyst for cannabis sales falls the day after Thanksgiving, which means the start of holiday gift-giving and family gathering season. This list of female-inspired cannabis products include 10 brands to keep an eye on this Green Friday and holiday shopping season.

Looking for cannabis-inspired gifts for your female relatives? Needing a go-to strain to get through your family gathering? Or just looking for an excuse to buy yourself something special? This list should have a few suggestions for you as gift-giving and awkward-conversation season quickly sneaks up on us. 

I’ve included ten women-owned cannabis brands, creative weed strains, chic smoking accessories, and a handful of other must-have cannabis products. There are some seriously incredible woman-owned companies in this list, I was inspired just by compiling this guide.

Jane Parade Apparel And Accessories

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Oh wow, I am excited about this one. Jane Parade is really hitting the mark when it comes to cannabis apparrel and accessories. The Brooklyn-based company is appealing to lady stoners with asthetics in mind. Nothing flashy or tacky, just tasteful and artistic modern representations of a woman’s love for Mary Jane.

Jane Parade was started by Janelle Benjamin-Grant who has created a whole stoner-chic vibe with her line of accessories, clothing and prints. I suggest placing an order for a few perfect gifts for your stoner best friends, they’ll thank you.  

Super Nova Hash Oil Bath Bomb – Constellation Cannabis

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Source: Constellation Cannabis

Constellation Cannabis has created a bath bomb with its solventless hash oil. Yep, you heard me correctly. It is time to really spice up your bath this holiday season, and that means full relaxation. The 100mg THC bath bomb uses transdermal absorption methods to draw in 10 percent of the THC content, using the steam and heat of your bathwater.

The SuperNova Hash Oil Bath Bomb would also pair perfectly with a pack of their solventless hash oil-infused pre-rolls. Constellation Cannabis is women-owned and Washington-based, making them a perfect fit for our Green Friday cannabis guide for women.

The Look – Raven Grass

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Source: Raven Grass

One time I connected with a customer over his love for this strain and ever since it has a special place in my heart. The Look is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain by Raven Grass that really fuels that creative spark. It makes for a spot-on strain for getting ready for, and getting through, holiday season.

This OG Truth x Truthband cross really stays true to its strain-description, in my opinion: “Not to be taken lightly as a tool for existential exploration”. So, if you have any holiday creative projects to get finished, I suggest picking up an eighth. Raven Grass also rolls some pretty fire pre-rolled joints- check out our recent review for the West Coast Weed Tour.

Vision Lightning Peak – Puffco

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This is a call to all my lady-dabbers. I really hate to sound so cliche, and I am not assuming that every female-identifying being likes pink, but, how could you not absolutely love this rainbow, iridescent vaporizer?

A Puffco Peak rig really is the ultimate Green Friday snag- whether it’s a gift for you or for a pal- someone is coming up. Puffco is a leader in innovative dabbing and it’s well worth hopping on the bandwagon. Their limited edition Peak Vaporizers are a chic and modern dab rig for all you cute and bougie concentrate consumers. 

Blissiva Soothe Disposable Vape Pen

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Source: Blissiva

“Gyno-Developed, Goddess-Approved” – This women-focused Maryland cannabis brand was created by best friends Gina Dubbe and Dr. Leslie Apgar, a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist. These suburban-dwelling women wanted to target women’s health areas with medical marijuana.

Their Blissiva Soothe disposable cannabis vape pens are designed by doctors for possible clear-headed relief from chronic pain. This gift features a convenient 3:1 CBD to THC ratio that is a discrete gift for all your lady relatives. 

Flyright Delta-8 THC Patch – Mobius

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Source: Discover Mobius

This single-use Delta-8 Patch is really the ideal holiday companion. Can’t sneak away from your family for a smoke break? This Flyright THC patch lasts for eight hours and does not require any trips outside.

If you’re unfamiliar with Delta-8 THC, it can be a slightly-less psychoactive relative of your average Delta-9 THC. In my experience, Delta-8 tends to be calming, while still allowing clear focus. We did a review of the Mobius transdermal THC patch for our 2020 West Coast Weed Tour- check out that review here.

Mobius, out of Seattle, Wash., hand-crafts edibles, topicals, and wearable cannabis products. And their THC patch is the ideal Green Friday purchase to make it through those long holiday dinners, video calls or whatever your holiday may look like.

Mushroom + Moss Gel Cream – WLDKAT Skin

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Source: WLDKAT

Yet another woman-owned cannabis company absolutely slaying the game- WLDKAT Skin. Their line of CBD skincare and female-focused products is unmatched, including face serums, lip balms, and even CBD sex serums.

WLDKAT is focused on sustainably creating products that you can feel good about putting on your skin. Free of harsh chemicals and full of vitamins and medicinal cannabinoids- a product you can feel good about gifting this holiday.

Crystal Pipe – Elevate Jane

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Source: Elevate Jane

If you browse Instagram for cannabis products ever, you’ve maybe seen a few crystal cannabis pipes floating around. Well, here you go because Elevate Jane provides crystal pipes that can help you smoke weed and get all your chakras wiggling around nicely together again, all at the same time. Don’t forget to charge it in the moonlight!

‘Aren’t you glad I suggested this chic and modern piece right before Green Friday? How perfect! This woman-owned contemporary cannabis company also has dainty glass pipes, vintage-inspired smoking sets, mini metal necklace chillums, and a whole lot more. 

Lit Kit – House Of Puff  

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Source: House Of Puff

House Of Puff has you covered on the chic smoking accessories this holiday season. Their Lit Kit fits the bill for a great holiday gift for your lady stoner loved-ones. This set, paired with an eighth of Raven Grass cannabis, is quite the holiday score if you ask me. 

The female-led and New York-based company, House Of Puff is all about living life unapologetically. They create products that cater to the smoking desires of modern women- tasteful pink one-hitters, galactic hemp rolling papers, hand-poured candles, and a few other trendy smoking accessories.

“From collaborations with artists to thought-provoking perspectives, our mission is to live life distinctively, with style and grace—and help you do the same.”

Via House Of Puff

Kush And Cute 

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Source: Instagram- @kushandcute

Saving one of the best for last, Kush And Cute. This CBD Skincare and canna-inspired smoking accessory brand have gifts to spoil all the ladies in your life. Kush And Cute is Black-owned and women-run, making them the perfect cannabis-loving business to support this Green Friday and holiday season.

Their HIGH-drating and revitalizing CBD products include everything from ginger facial scrub and coffee scrubs, to face oil and body moisturizer. Their skincare bundle takes the pressure right out of holiday gift-giving, just don’t forget the stickers and pipes to top off the order. Their website should be back up and running in time for the holiday season! 

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