In our last article we discussed the benefits of having a high terpene profile and learned that certain terpene profiles are more adept at bringing out specific effects. With so many cannabis users thinking that high THC percentages is the most important part of smoking, we want to be one of the first groups to really push for the terpene movement.

In 2016, recreational marijuana has taught Respect My Region that the highest THC percentage basically has no effect on how successful our cannabis experiences are. We noticed that the more flavorful buds had more potent effects and started testing this theory by sampling a very large amount of concentrates and flower.

After visiting Leafly and checking out their thoughts on terpenes, I came across their chart down below and studied up on a few strains I recognized. Keep reading and I’ll teach you a little bit more about 6 terpenes that are commonly found in strains at many of the recreational pot shops in Washington State.

Leafly Terpene Wheel#1 – Limonene– This profile has a strong citrus, lemon, and orange aroma. Typically limonene generates an elevated mood and is good for stress relief. Limonene appears most often in sativa strains such as the North West Pineapple from TreeHawk Farms.

Just because this terpene is most often found in sativa strains, this doesn’t mean there aren’t indica plants as well. Strains like Berry White have been known to help with severe pain while Super Lemon Haze has been known to help with anxiety.

Terpenes#2 – Humulene– Humulene is known for it’s spicy, earthy and wood like flavor. Naturally found in most sativa strains, humulene has been known to suppress appetite. This terpene also has been known to offer effects helpful with anti-tumor growth.

We recommend Origins for their Sour Diesel and Elevate for some fire Girl Scout Cookies.


#3 – Pinene – This aromatic compound commonly smells like a forest filled with pine trees. Pinene is known for memory retention, alertness and energy. The presence of pinene is highly dependent on environmental factors like flowering time and the curing process.

There are many strains with the pine tree like smell, but the RMR team suggests Blue Hawaiian by Northwest Cannabis Solutions. 

Terpenes#4 – Linalool – This natural terpene is found in many spices and herbs such as lavender. Traditionally it gives off a citrusy, spicy and floral aroma and has been known to provide health benefits for sleeping problems, anxiety, and with use as an anti-depressant.

This terpene’s most well-known health benefit is stress release. We recommend some of the Lavender from Fairwinds Manufacturing.

Terpenes#5 – Carophyllene – CB2 is know for it’s spicy, peppery, and woody aroma. This terpene is found in black pepper, cinnamon and common household herbs like oregano and basil. Like linalool, carophyllene is known for it’s reduction of stress and anxiety.

Strains like OG Kush by Liberty Reach are known for having a high carophyllene terpene profile. The RMR team lives up north of Seattle and we like to head to the Bothell Have a Heart location. Remember Origin’s Sour Diesel we mentioned earlier? That strain is also high in CB2.

Terpene#6 – Myrcene – Typically found in mangos, myrcene is known for its musky, citrus, clove like aroma. Having benefits like anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory, myrcene is also known to have that “melt to the couch” like effect. According to Steep Hill Labs, marijuana samples with more than 0.5 percent myrcene will be indica while those with less than 0.5 percent will be sativa. Brands like Seattle’s Private Reserve carry some incredible Super Silver Haze which is also high in myrcene .

Seattle's Private Reserve

When you’re choosing your next top-shelf product make sure you ask a budtender or manager about the terpene profile. If your budtender has no idea what terpenes are, we suggest visiting a different shop.

Stay high, stay educated, and smoke on my friends!

Washington State Pot Shops | Diego Pellicer

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