TeZATalks is raw, uncensored, and unapologetic. She leans in and embraces her emotions and experiences, showcasing the monsters in her life as original works of art. Between her alternative electronic music and her visual artistry, TeZA is a force to be reckoned with.

I recently asked TeZA if it was difficult for her to be raw and honest in her music. She laughed and said, “That’s all my music is, raw, unapologetic, and uncensored. I want people to understand that I don’t mind showing every part of myself or talking about pain, I think it’s cool to talk about. It’s helped me evolve so much! If I can be that support in allowing for others to do the same, I’m grateful.”

TeZA’s music came into my life after Macntaj featured her on his track “Deception” at the beginning of 2017.  Shortly after that, she released her Chaos EP and since then she’s been a permanent fixture in my musical library. I’m not even an EDM kind of person, but the power and honesty that TeZATalks injects into her music is hard not to like.

“I’m human, so of course, fear can be a factor but it’s only because I know not everyone is going to get it, at first. However, it all connects, it all has meaning, and I’m telling you my stories one by one so that eventually it will.”


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I finally met TeZA in person at the end of November 2018. As angsty and experimental as her music is, she was so sweet and kind in person. It was fitting that I ran into her at Barboza since Capitol Hill is where she lives and works.

“Although I’m not originally from here, the hill is such a great hang and houses some of the most interesting, unique, and gifted people and gems. I really appreciate how I can walk down the street, say what’s up to my mailman, friends, and coworkers. I feel like someone always has my back in a way, which is nice in a world that seems so cold.” 

TeZATalks To Perform At Neumos January 9th For Seattle World Tour

Photo by @hoopziii via Instagram

To start off 2019, TeZATalks will be performing at Neumos on January 9th for the second annual Seattle World Tour. I was thrilled to hear that Qreepz would be joining her on stage, as one of my favorite singles she released this year was produced by him.

Out of all the venues hosting the SWT, TeZA couldn’t be more excited to play this legendary stage. “It’s crazy because I’ve seen so many incredible artists, including local acts at Neumos. I’ve shared space, cried, laughed, danced, and have had countless memories in that place! To now be playing on their stage with the intentions to give the community and others the same experience is really a dream come true. I’m so thankful for it and the good it’s going to bring all around.”