We’ve all had those nights of stumbling around at 2am after a healthy evening of drinking. Jeremy “Tha Wurm” Abarca and Kevin “Kevy” Dailly came together to give us the perfect illustration of this feeling. Through the hilarious metaphor of slumping around like Rocky after an iconic fight, they bring to life the concept of “Stallonin.” Tha Wurm and Kevy were in a Reggae band called The Approach four years ago. They’ve since been building up their solo repertoires. 

The track comes in on a sci-fi sounding beat by Tha Wurm. It makes me feel like I’m walking around an episode of the X-Files, but it’s the remix. The rolling booms and baps come in to create a driving cadence. Somehow, they have a stumbling feeling to them as Tha Wurm comes in with the hook. His following verse is braggadocious and coy, talking up his late-night antics. The combination of the ringing sci-fi sample and the lackadaisical beat are what bring it to life. This song makes you feel like you’ve maybe had too many well shots.

Kevy comes in after the second hook to further explain the sensation of “Stallonin.” As the previous frontman of the Reggae-Pop-Rock-Hip-Hop group Booboolala, Kevy has undeniable energy. He explains that “Stallonin” is when you’re too drunk, or too high. To the point where you start yelling nonsense like Sylvester at your friends. Approaching a variety of content with his solo work, we can expect to see a solid mixture of comedic and serious vibes from Kevy.

Tha Wurm & Kevy

Overall, you get lost in the void of “Stallonin.” So much so that you feel like slurring out a few Rocky quotes yourself. With the quarantine going on still, Tha Wurm and Kevy have been staying busy by working on several collaborations.

I’ve heard tell that they’ll be releasing more content together following this track. As two known characters from the world of live bands and reggae/rock, it’s interesting to see how they’ll keep diversifying their solo sounds. Listen to “Stallonin” below and shout out “ADRIAAAN” one time.

Tha Wurm – Stallonin Feat. Kevy

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