The intro track is fucking crazy…

Thaddeus David – The Rise (White Summer)

Man, Thaddeus David dropped a mix tape this morning. After putting out Parallels early this summer, he lets go off a summer closer for Seattle with Thaddeus David – The Rise: (White Summer). No stranger to consistency, Thaddeus has been releasing EP’s and content on schedule the last year or two. The Rise features some serious heat on the boards curtsey of Aviel Ben Yamin. Consistency…baselines


…and damn, that intro is cold

Thaddeus David – Annex (Music Video)

Throughout my career I’ve been in groups, I’ve collaborated, I’ve received assistance, and I’ve given it. Music is a very therapeutic, reflective, & personal experience that is released w/ a hope of being more then that with its connection to the listener. Although in this climate for Hip-Hop/Rap it is rare that a solo artist releases a track to track solo effort. Its a challenge i wanted to take on and a risk i feel like payed off for the release I’m about to present to you. Stepping outside of our comfort zone, is often what takes our skill sets to new levels. Levels in which I’m always aspiring to rise too & feel like were accomplished for this 5 song project, entirely produced by Aviel Ben Yamin. With the last full day of summer behind us & the seasons change ahead of us, I’d like to present to you “The Rise: White Summer”

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