Thatshawtycrow’s “6AM Remix” featuring Key Nyata is a firm push into the pit of graveyard rap. This track’s producer PRFCT STORM stood tall under the hail of bars these two MC’s unleashed. The haunting, ghouly beat will definitely stick with you. You can find this CROW x KEYNYATA collab on Soundcloud.  

“6AM” speaks on self-redemption that happens you stop making moves with the group and acknowledge your life is your own creation. “Walk with the flock emerge from the corn. Mama said I didn’t cry when I was born. Bad kid had to cut off my longhorns.” The lyricism of Thatshawtycrow’s verses are incredibly impressive. The moody, occultist vibe is digestible as everyone stays perfectly in the pocket. Crow walks us hand in hand to the grave of his ego death. When Key Nyata comes on the track he drags us into his inebriated stat while debating the desire for money and the comfort of a normal life.

Thatshawtycrow is gifting us with bars novel in the West Coast rap game right now. His gritty delivery and poetic lyricism will propel him higher in the rap game. The come up of this young MC definitely needs to be watched.

Check out “6AM Remix” by Thatshawtycrow feat Key Nyata below

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