Andrew Freedman, also known as the Cannabis Sommelier, started his YouTube channel in early 2018. The purpose of the channel is to create and continue a dialogue between cannabis consumers and wine enthusiasts and help people pair wine and cannabis. Both markets contain niche costumers with refined tastes for the products they consume. A Sommelier is a term for professional wine steward. This person is in charge of the wine, beer, and spirits selection at a restaurant. They enhance the guest experience by offering pairings of flavors that serve to enhance each other.

Andrew’s journey started when he watched a documentary titled “SOMM.” After the first scene involving people blind tasting wine while learning about origins of the wine. Immediately realizing that this same idea was possible to do with wine and cannabis he booked his first wine course and started his journey four days letter. Shortly after he became an apprentice at Moraine Estate Winery where he learned about the grapes used for wine production and the similarities that they share with cannabis. He honed his pallet during his time there while gaining his international accreditation for wine.

Cannabis and wine pairings were all discovered through trial and error. Andrew kept notes on what paired well together and was able to determine pairings that worked better than others. Surprisingly through all of this, he learned that the contrast in flavors between the two created the most dynamic tasting experience.

The Cannabis Sommelier: Pairing Beer And Wine With Cannabis

Photo Credit: Dyllyn Greenwood

Goals With Legalization

Cannabis legalization in Canada has changed things for Canadians. While before legalization Cannabis was readily accessible. Recent changes in legislation have opened new pathways for Andrew allowing him to bridge the gap between cannabis and alcohol. Previously people with limited or no cannabis experience lacked the opportunity to learn about the potential pairings. Andrew’s YouTube channel and events that he works to offer consumers the opportunity to learn about the infinite pairings of these different, but uniquely similar products. Partners for events are also appearing since during the prohibition era events involving cannabis had to be kept under wraps.

Favorite Pairings

Andrew helped create a 2016 Moraine Estate Reisling that pairs exceptionally well with a citrus skunk strain. He states that the pairing turned the wine flavor into a sweet mandarin orange. To me, that sounds like a perfect pairing. IPA’s also pair well with strains that have OG Kush genetics. This is because one of the terpenes found in hops, Humulene creates a flavor that compliments the Kush flavor profile. Hops and cannabis are also genetic cousins.

The Cannabis Sommelier: Pairing Beer And Wine With Cannabis

Photo Credit: Dyllyn Greenwood

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