Some of us are ballin’ on a budget. This typically means we want the most cannabis, at the best quality, for the lowest price. I have previously discussed cannabis budgets, but today I want to let you in on how I walked out with two grams of amazing dabs and a single gram of flower cannabis.

What was the best part of this purchase? It was under forty dollars.

The Green Seed in Moses Lake carries only top-shelf cannabis from across the state. Daily deals are always readily available, as well as scheduled weekly specials. For this particular visit to The Green Seed, I had with me only $40. I certainly wanted both flower and concentrates if I could swing it. With the cost of higher quality concentrates combined with my policy about not buying cheap dabs, it can be challenging to achieve that.

I was very pleased with how I spent my forty dollars. Cloud 9 Farms is a great grower and one of my go-to brands for me at The Green Seed. I have yet to see Cloud 9 in any of the other Moses Lake cannabis stores. Their Cloud 9 Farm concentrates typically ranges from $35 to $45 a gram, and they have a select variety for only $15 a gram.

Since this was a brand I already know and liked, I decided to go against my “no cheap dabs” rule and bought 2 grams of their concentrates. I purchased both Purple OG in a Sugar wax at 82.7 percent total cannabinoids and Batch 45, also a sugar wax at 80.8 percent. Topping off an already sweet deal, I was able to grab a gram of Lemon OG from NW Connoisseurs.

$38 worth of cannabis plus a $2 tip made this trip well worth the visit.