The Healing Component (THC) is a young entrepreneur’s cannabis dream coming to life. In June 2020, THC, a company that is partnered with Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins will enter the market in Washington State.

Currently cultivating and operating in Spokane, WA, The Healing Component is named after Jenkins’ debut studio album. The story of THC’s inception dates back to the young owner and his strong relationship with Mick Jenkins’ work since age 16.

Seven years later, the Pensacola, Florida-native’s been able to make a crazy dream come true. He’s teamed up with his favorite rapper to deliver fire cannabis.

When speaking with the owner, Blake, he made strong mention of The Healing Component’s desire to produce “product that is pesticide-free, organic, just the best top-shelf cannabis that we can provide.”

Music and cannabis usually go hand-in-hand. Blake is striving to unite the two with an organic, unique, and urban feel. “The whole reason I hopped into the industry in the first place is the amount it’s healed me,” Blake said.

Growing up with ADHD, Blake said that cannabis has been a true savior for him since he was 18. These two strong elements, boom-baptastic cannabis-friendly hip-hop, and an industrious young guy’s passion for cannabis make their entrance into i502 this June exciting.

Creating Strains For Mick’s Songs

Blake shared that it made sense to sponsor Mick and name the company after his debut album. His music often discusses the herb, plus the album spoke to him and helped him get through the harder times in his teenage years.

Him and his brother got into one of Mick’s shows and somehow got green room access merely in hopes of getting his blessing. When they connected and Jenkins got to check out the weed, he hopped on board. 

THC will soon be moving into a new facility, Blake said that The Healing Component plans to create their own unique strains, specifically ones that represent and compliment Mick’s songs. The first is a strain for his popular song “Jazz.” “His new album is coming out in the fall, and we’re going to do a strain for that as well,” Blake said.

Mick Jenkins – “Jazz” (Official Music Video)

Hearing this story, I can’t help but think of Berner in this scenario, and the way that he’ll sometimes drop specific strains alongside album releases. Washington doesn’t currently have a cannabis brand approaching branding and marketing in this way outside of Cookies.

Blake also spoke of working with some other strains such as Grease Monkey and Bubonic Chronic. They plan to have popular strains Gelato 33 and Gelato Sorbet, along with a few Cake cultivars too.

Expanding Into Other States

The Healing Connection’s roots come from all over the United States, so it’s only natural that they want to bring their brand to a wider audience. Blake said they’re actively looking at other states such as California, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

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