After much anticipation, the up-and-coming anonymous Los Angeles duo, The Image, has finally let loose their debut single “Who Are You?” to all streaming platforms. In “Who Are You?” The Image takes an introspective look into the hip-hop industry to ask why so many artists talk about being on top of their game but don’t have the stats to show it. Through their music, they explore this phenomenon through the execution of confident bars mixed with a hint of comic relief. 

“These rappers talk shit but never look up at the score.”

In “Who Are You?” The Image doesn’t hesitate with putting their confident sound on blast. This hip-hop inspired track hits hard with a classic, yet driving 808 that truly sets the tone for the whole song. The Image’s vocal textures instantly captivate the listener and put them in a trance. With its soft, spacey melodies that float on top of hard-hitting trap percussion, “Who Are You?” offers a refreshing sound to the hip hop industry.

The Image is an anonymous artist duo based in Los Angeles. Composed of producer IM and vocalist AGE, their collaborations have made undeniably catchy music with rootings in driving pop and hip-hop. With a blank canvas that’s ready to make an impact; they are an entity that uses their music to be themselves and inspire change by breaking the barriers of genre. It’s very clear this duo will make waves and change the sound of hip-hop, and maybe even pop music as a whole forever…and they’re only just getting started.

In an oversaturated genre with more than enough content to filter through, it’s refreshing to have something unique brought to the table. The Image shows excellent potential as an artist duo that will surely shock the industry with distinctive flows, voices, and beats. Even with their mysterious cover art, they can convey their artistic vision and make it synonymous with their musical creation.

Above all, The Image truly wants to carve out their own lane, and it shows within their music. They want to break the chain of SoundCloud clout chasing and create a new cultural standard for what makes an artist a true artist. With “Who Are You?” they just might break that chain. While they have only just begun to tell their story, there is much left for people to hear. If you haven’t caught on to The Image by now, you’re bound to soon. 

The Image – “Who Are You?”

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