The Late Ones are a highly-evolved reggae trio that’s putting up numbers and keeping reggae intact yet simultaneously blurring genres. Made up of two brothers Tui Avei who does lead vocals, and Tau Avei, alongside their cousin Josh Brunson. Formed in Laie, Hawaii. The Late Ones have built the foundation for music that really makes you stop and listen.

Garnering influences from various genres such as hip-hop and jazz. The Late Ones blend these elements with a traditional roots reggae experience. Creating a truly unique mix filled with conscious lyrics and catchy melodies.

The Late Ones Are The Evolved Reggae Sound You've Been Looking For

The first track I listened to from these guys was “Big Red.” Right off the bat, I can tell it’s going to be different, opening up with that classic college football chant commonly used by fans of the Florida State Seminoles. From there it adds in some minor elements like symbols and some snare. Until fully dropping into this high energy island vibe.

For the most part, it reminds me of a lot of the classic reggae until about the one-minute mark. At this point The Late Ones take a turn I wasn’t fully expecting. They begin to full-on rap over the beat, sliding in with a flow that initially you’re not sure should be there. But, as you listen and really take in what you are hearing, it just clicks. Mashing up what feels like two separate things to create a symbiotic sound.

The Late Ones Are The Evolved Reggae Sound You've Been Looking For

Some of you may be reading this still unsure if The Late Ones are a vibe you’d want to dive into. You may be pleasantly surprised by how ruthlessly they’re killing it online with streams and fan following. You know they’re doing something right and this is one party you won’t want to be late too.

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