On Friday, Nov 22nd, in the room adjacent to Humble and Human—the current special exhibit at the DIA—promising jazz outfit The Marcus Elliot Trio played two sets. This ensemble contains Detroit saxophonist and frontman, Marcus Elliot, Chicago drummer E. Reid, and Berkley, California bassist Brian Juarez. All share a common goal of uniting disadvantaged people with access to their dreams. The band was promoting Broken Seeds Vol. 1, their new album released Nov. 25.

The Marcus Elliot Trio’s first set featured danceable moments with a confident lead sax complemented by driving drums and bass. It was a pleasure to experience something so fun in an upscale venue. The DIA was serving drinks, as is customary in America. However, with the ever-growing legalization of cannabis, it would be a welcomed change if one-day cannabis was also available.

The first set was amazing a little cross-faded, as jazz was one of the first truly danceable genres. E. Reid sets himself apart as a fantastic drummer with great pacing balanced between showy moments. His purple-dyed buzzcut won big with the crowd. His flair makes sense considering he is also a talented electronic producer.

marcus elliot

Marcus Elliot proved to be a charismatic host. His ease of mind transferred after the set ended and Elliot stayed around to speak with concertgoers. His humble character won over anyone looking to chat with the rising jazz artist. The softspoken character of the man contrasts well with his driving, informed, and confident sax.

The Marcus Elliot Trio’s second set was more subdued, but it was a welcome contrast to the energetic first set. While Juarez’s smooth bass provided much of the tonal setting in the first set, in the second long passages of sax relaxed a packed venue. The band played in the high ceiling room featuring Diego Rivera’s mural. Their set perfectly complimented the mechanistic and human piece of art covering the temple-style architecture. 

Painting And Quality Music Are The Bread And Butter Of Detroit

Despite a lack of functional public transport, affordable food, or quality roads, Wanye county is a special place to live. The DIA has amazing paintings, and it’s free for those who live in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties. The Marcus Elliot Trio’s set was free for all of those with a DIA ticket, so it was accessible to everyone in any one of those counties. 

Looking at a Pissarro, a Sisley, a Courbet, or a Van Gogh while hearing the Marcus Elliot Trio further prove their voice was a unique experience. It was a Detroit experience, and it was a gift to her citizens. Throughout the years of struggle, this metro has never failed to continually contribute legendary artists to the world. Hopefully, The Marcus Elliot will continue to be one of Detroit’s many gifts. 

Stream Broken Seeds Vol. 1

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