The People’s Remedy McHenry Ave dispensary has been operating out of the Central Valley in Southern California since 2015. Their mission is to keep their local communities at the helm, with an overall goal of expansion. Now four stores deep, they’re rapidly taking over the Central Valley with their own unique style of business. The other areas they’re serving are Lone Palm Ave (also in Modesto,) Oakdale, and Patterson. 

Each of The People’s Remedy’s dispensaries has a warm, welcoming feeling when you walk in. It’s intimidating sometimes coming into a weed shop when they are often very plain on the outside. Then, coming inside, you’re hit with wall-to-wall products and bright lights. This is not the case with TPR off McHenry. They welcome you in like a member of their special club and get you rolling with proper one-on-one assistance that still maintains expediency overall. They’re open every day from 8am-10pm.

If you’re on the hunt for your favorite cartridges or dabs for the 7/10 holiday, it’s worth checking out The People’s Remedy McHenry Ave dispensary because they’re likely running a great sale today. Sales run while supplies last with these sorts of deals, so it’s on a first-come-first-serve basis. Check their Instagram at the bottom for any new updates.

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Central Valley Cannabis: The People's Remedy Has Four Dispensary Locations Providing A Great Selection of California's Favorite Weed Products

Sought After Cannabis Concentrate Extractors

California is home to a thriving cannabis culture that’s grown accustomed to some very potent dabs and vape carts. The People’s Remedy McHenry Ave dispensary doesn’t fall short on delivering options to the cannabis-loving people of California. Some of the outstanding concentrate brands they carry include 710 Labs, Buddies Brand, STIIIZY, Beezle, Friendly Farms, and Sherbinskis.

Product Recommendations

On The People’s Remedy McHenry Ave’s menu there are almost 200 vape products available. Combining their options for concentrates, that’s over 250 different products to choose from. TPR doesn’t play around and after doing some sifting, we have a few favorites to recommend. First, they carry a wide array of affordable and flavorful extracts from Buddies Brand. I’d go with the Blue Zkittlez or the Triple Tangie Banana Liquid Diamonds Live Resin carts. These both have potent terps that bring you their own unique and energizing euphoric highs. I’m a fan of having options. 

I’d definitely be interested in trying some of the cartridges from Sherbinskis. Their Bacio Gelato strain has been making waves, and the cart for it is only $37.80 before tax. Creamy, rich, and gassy flavors would presumably shine with this cart from the potent flower it comes from. Another great option would be their Sunset Sherbert ½ gram cart. This is the strain that made Sherbinskis famous so it’s worth a try. I’ve had the flower and the taste is citrusy, diesel-like, and purely blissful. 

Lastly, if you’re looking for luxury, try the 710 Labs dabs. They’re currently carrying the Sour Tangie, GMO, and Bootylicious strains from them and they’re all hitters. The price is a little higher, but for the quality of live rosin you’re getting, you won’t be sorry.