When it comes to delivering an immense selection of cannabis products in the Central Valley, The People’s Remedy Palm Ave dispensary is your best bet. Those looking for an intimate cannabis buying experience will have a hard time finding a friendlier shop. The only comparisons you could draw are from its other premier locations off McHenry in Modesto, Oakdale, and Patterson. At each location, their eyes are keenly set on keeping the customer the absolute focus of their operations. 

The People’s Remedy are no strangers to helping the local and medical community since opening in 2014. Medical cannabis users will find a bevy of information available to them about each product. Every member of their staff is a certified expert on the details surrounding all products. The people of Modesto have come to know and trust the service that The People’s Remedy dispensaries provide the Central Valley. The price-points at their Palm Ave location is as competitive and fairly priced as any of their other shops.

Providing meaningful customer service and education alongside premier Californian cannabis products that undergo extensive lab-testing is at the heart of any TPR’s locations. You’ll find over 200 different cannabis products on their Lone Palm menu. Current customers have the ability to skip the line and phone in an express order for speedy pick-up. You’ll find them open every day from 8am-10pm to better service the community.

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Daily Discounts

The People’s Remedy Lone Palm has a pleasant rotation of weekly deals that they push Sunday-Thursday. Sunday Funday means 15% off the whole store. Monday is their buy-one-get-one 30% off special. Tuesday customers have the chance to get 10% off vapes, wax, and concentrates. Wednesday boasts 10% off all flower and pre-rolls. And finally, Thursday is a prime time to score 10% off all edibles and drinks. 

Over 200+ Products To Choose From

There’s something for everybody on the menu at The People’s Remedy Lone Palm dispensary. You’ll find a plethora of big names in California cannabis that many seek out deliberately for quality and their competitive pricing. A few heavy-hitters you’ll notice on the menu include Buddies Brand, Flow Kana, King’s Garden, Wonderbrett, STIIIZY, and AiroPro.

Product Recommendations

So many options for quality cannabis products line the shelves of The People’s Remedy Lone Palm dispensary. They put the equivalent of a growmaster’s eye on their curation of cutting-edge cannabis products. First, for concentrates, I see they have Buddies Brand’s Wedding Cake x Watermelon Zkittlez Liquid Diamonds Live Resin carts. I’ve had dabs of this sativa-dominant strain and the flavor is out of control. Doughy, sweet, melony, and spicy terps blast you in the face as you might head to cloud 9.

Fow flower, the choice is obvious. I’d undoubtedly pick up some of Wonderbrett’s Pink Picasso strain. Coming in at only $28.92 before tax, this is a fairly priced treat I’ve been wanting to try. A mixture of Candyland Cookies and OZK, this strain seems like it’d potentially have the euphoric ride I love. Not to mention it appears to be brimming with sweet and savory terps that make my mouth water.

I’m always looking to find an edible that really slaps me in the face with noticeable effects. RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, is pure, potent, and raw. You can put it right on your tongue or into your food to potentially feel immense relief. Many cancer patients turn to RSO for potential pain relief and tumor management. My Blue Dove has a High THC RSO that looks like it’d knock me out cold and potentially some pain relief to my sore body.

Lastly, the topical options are short and sweet at The People’s Remedy Palm Ave dispensary. C.A.D’s Mimosa Cream sure looks like it’d do the trick for a bright and shiny way to start my day. It comes with 215mg of CBD and 150mg of THC that seems like it’d penetrate sore muscles deeply to potentially provide fast-acting relief.

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