The Roots cannabis dispensary has been keeping the Lompoc Valley neighborhood flush with top California cannabis products for a while now. They take the extra time and consideration to ensure that every customer receives outstanding service. Restoring individual health and happiness through the therapeutic power of cannabis is part of their core values. 

If you’re driving down the Central Coast of California, The Roots cannabis dispensary is an easy choice to pick up some of your favorite products. In addition to carrying all of the obvious favorites, you’ll find a slew of new products there that might spark your interest. The wealth of knowledge possessed by each employee makes learning about a new product quick and easy. Access and education are two aspects of their business that are held in high regard. The rigorous amount of lab-testing they do on their products is also a testament to their obsession with accessible products.

With the 7/10 holiday coming up, fans of dabbing can find an artisanal selection of products at The Roots cannabis dispensary available for pick-up or delivery. Their main areas for delivery include Lompoc, Orcutt, Santa Maria, Los Almos, Solvang, Buellton, Los Olivos, and Santa Ynez.

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The Roots Dispensary Is Lompoc Valley's Connection To Rich Practical Knowledge About Cannabis And Top-Selling Products

Premium Cannabis Concentrate Selection

Any regular dabber that’s familiar with the 7/10 holiday (or OIL spelled upside down) should consider visiting The Roots cannabis dispensary for a premier selection. Whether you’re a fan of cartridges, rigs, or even the Puffco Peak, there’s something at The Roots for you to enjoy. Some of our favorite brands on the menu include Buddies Brand, STIIIZY, 710 labs, Kings Garden, Kaizen, and Honey Butter. 

Product Recommendations

It can be a little overwhelming sometimes trying to find the right concentrate. With all of the options for rosin, shatter, wax, live resin, diamonds and sauce, it’s hard to nail down a favorite. If you’re looking to celebrate the 7/10 holiday this Friday in style, we have a few choice selections. First off, Buddies Brand products have high terpene profiles and very competitive prices. 

They currently have their Banana Punch Fresh Frozen Live Resin that’s full of sweet and herby flavors. The Roots cannabis dispensary also carries Buddies’ full line of Liquid Diamonds Live Resin in CCell’s and PAX Pods. One of our favorites is the SFV OG, or San Fernando Valley OG. This hitter is a perfect representation of the potent OG strains that SoCal residents hold in high regard. The Roots has it in PAX Pods that really showcase the terps on a lower temp.

The Roots Cannabis Dispensary In Lompoc Is The Central Coast's Connection To An Expansive Concentrate And Cartridge Selection

If you’re looking for something quick and easy from STIIIZY, consider their Do-Si-Dos 1 gram Pod. All of the classic flavors from this potent indica swirl together in highly efficient vaping technology. For those seeking true flavor and potentially soaring euphoric effects, try STIIIZY’s Mimosa live resin Pod. The price will be a bit higher, but it’s worth it to get the higher potential for the entourage effect.

Lastly, Kings Garden has a wide array of options for dabs and carts at The Roots cannabis dispensary. First, their Wedding Gushers live resin diamonds looks utterly delectable. This strain seems like it’d be replete with sweet, cakey, and fruity flavors. For cartridges, I see they have half grams of the GMO Cookies strain in 510 thread carts. Also known as the Garlic Cookies, this strain is a potent indica that might chill you out tough for a stoney 7/10 celebration.