Travis Scott and Kid Cudi have come together again in a powerful way to deliver us “THE SCOTTS.” It’s no secret that both artists are frequent collaborators, as they have worked together before. Travis has also been extremely vocal since the inception of his career about how much he admires Kid Cudi’s work. There’s also no denying that Travis Scott is at the top of his game right now. After releasing Astroworld back in 2018, it launched him to be at the forefront of music.

With Cudi, he’s kept things low key but he’s been starting to come back out of his shell and drop mindful music. It’s safe to say that things are heating up for both artists in 2020. What’s more, the cut made its debut on Travis Scott’s “live performance” on Fortnite, which is incredibly smart because, arguably, there are more gamers in the world than hip-hop fans. They’ve made a song that is bound to be a new fan favorite.

On “THE SCOTTS,” there are so many different sounds shown throughout. From the punching 808’s and pulsing kicks to the light plucked string riffs provide variety throughout. The vocals that both Travis and Cudi bring to the track are memorable. Their hard-hitting flows define the song throughout and escalate the overall vibe and energy. Much like many of Travis’s previous hits, this song goes just as hard. This definitely comes in part from the outrageous production from Take A Daytrip, Dot Da Genius and Plain Pat.

With the new song, both artists bring something to the track that all fans will love. The catchy vocals and sun and moon pairing of Cudi and Travis make “THE SCOTTS” an instant hit. It’s great to see both artists continuing to make new music, as well as tapping in to give us a memorable collaboration.

Travis Scott, Kid Cudi – “THE SCOTTS”