Timoteo Cordero has returned with a new single titled “Purr.” His latest song can be heard from his project titled V12 and while he’s dropped many diverse and unique tracks, he is still quite new to the game having only released two projects. He’s quickly establishing himself as someone to follow – especially in the upcoming year. 

With his latest track “Purr”, he showcases many hooks with highly melodic flows. Timoteo Cordero has a voice that blends well with the steel pan lead, plus it can be heard riding above the instrumental in a loose yet steady form. The mid-tempo banger will easily get stuck in your head as the overall hooks and chorus provide the song its identity. 

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see what Timoteo Cordero does with his sound. He’s built a very strong foundation and because of that, it will only open more doors for him in the future. 

Timoteo Cordero – “Purr”

Listen to his project V12 below:

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