On Friday, June 10th, 21-year-old Oregon artist Toddie B released his latest single, “J-Lo.” On this West Coast track, Toddie goes in about good looking females who are, in fact, made for the club. With production from Ron-Ron and Menace, this is a guaranteed slap that anyone could turn up to.

Born in San Bernardino, California, Toddie B is a hip-hop artist who’s been around music all his life. He’s currently based out of Eugene, Oregon and has been building a foundation that is bound to bring him success.

His driven hustle and go-getter mentality stems from his struggles growing up in section eight housing. After growing hungry some days, Toddie developed a strong work ethic by learning how to make ends meet. Toddie uses his mindset and hustler mentality from the streets to better himself and his family’s situation.

Toddie B attributes his musical abilities and style to growing up surrounded by music. Listening to his dad’s old vinyl records gave Toddie an appreciation for traditional hip-hop and jazz melodies. Toddie’s refined sound brings an authentic and unique sound to Oregon hip-hop.

Above all, this latest release shows it’s only up from here for Toddie B. “J-Lo” will surely keep you up and moving at the club until Toddie B’s next release.

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