As a team of true cannaseurs, Respect My Region has tried thousands of legal cannabis products across the United States, ranging from classic flower to concentrates, edibles, and everything in between. As a part of our 2021 North American Weed Tour, we’ve completed hundreds of honest reviews on a variety of weed products, from live taste tests on YouTube to thorough articles on our platform.

We took a look back at everything we’ve tried this year, from up and down the West Coast to across the country in states like Florida and Massachusetts, and chose our favorite legal cannabis products of 2021 in the US. Without further ado, Respect My Region presents our picks for the top cannabis products of 2021. Continue reading to learn more and check out our reviews.

Top 21 Cannabis Products of 2021

*Featuring ONLY products RMR personally reviewed in 2021*

Dee Thai Tropical Gummies by Natura Life Science

Dee Thai Tropical Gummies were some of our favorite edible gummies from this past year. Presented by Natura, these differ from typical THC gummies due to their unique tropical flavoring. They are crafted in California, however, this product line is inspired by and was conceptualized in Thailand. Some of the delectable flavors include Lychee, Mangosteen, Mango, and Guava.

Each gummy contains 10mg of THC derived from solventless hash rosin. The strain used in the gummies is Papaya, an indicia-dominant hybrid derived from Citral #13 and Ice #2. The main ingredient of the gummies is tapioca, which gives it a pleasurable texture and holds the flavor and cannabis oil well.

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delicious dees edibles
delicious dees edibles also

Tropical Citrus Seltzer by Green Monké

The Tropical Citrus Seltzer by Green Monké is undoubtedly a standout drink in the California cannabis beverage market in 2021. This is due to multiple reasons. First, this beverage is very light compared to other more sugary and more THC-heavy options. As a lightly sparkling soda, it contains only 25 calories and 5g of sugar.

Moreover, this carbonated THC beverage contains just 3mg of THC as well as 6mg of CBD, making it a light and balanced option. Aside from its THC content, which is stated as cannabis emulsion, this soda has a favorable taste that isn’t syrupy or artificial-tasting. Our COO Joey states that Green Monké’s seltzers are “the best weed soda in all of California, without a doubt.”

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21 cannabis products 2021
21 cannabis products 2021 also

Biscotti Fritz by The Cure Company

Biscotti Fritz by The Cure Company is not just one of our favorite cannabis products in 2021, but also a widely loved product by premium cannabis consumers across California. The Biscotti Fritz strain is one of a handful of Fritz strains from the Cure Company x Seed Junky Genetics collaboration earlier this year. However, this specific Fritz strain stuck out to us the most and is one of our favorite Cure Co strains overall.

Biscotti Fritz is a cross between Biscotti (Gelato 25 x Sour Florida OG) and Fritz (Bubba Kush x Animal Mints). It is known for its uplifting and mind-stimulating effects, making it great for musicians, artists, and creatives. This strain may produce a strong cerebral high that fuels creativity while also relaxing your body. If you’re looking for something potentially calming to smoke that might keep your brain buzzing, we can’t recommend Biscotti Fritz enough.

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biscotti fritz cure company 2021
biscotti fritz cure company 2021 also

Ginger Lemongrass Hi Boy by CANN

The Ginger Lemongrass Hi Boy cannabis beverage by CANN is another THC-infused drink that we thoroughly enjoyed in 2021; enough to recommend it to you, and for multiple reasons. This cannabis-infused “social tonic” contains all natural ingredients and leans on the healthier side of the flavored beverage spectrum. The Ginger Lemongrass Hi Boy contains only 50 calories and 9g of sugar, with 5mg of THC total in the whole can.

Our COO Joey compares this flavor to ginger ale soda, except much lighter and healthier-tasting. This drink is much less sweetened than typical sodas and cannabis beverages, which makes it very favorable amongst the competitive California cannabis market.

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top weed products 2021
top weed products 2021 also

Cherry Ginger Ale Jello Shot by Complement Cannabis

If you’re looking for a unique edible option and your go-to party treat is typically jello shots, then look no further than the THC-infused Jello Shots by Complement Cannabis. A few months ago, our COO Joey went to March & Ash in Mission Valley to pick up and review a pack of the Cherry Ginger Ale flavor of the cannabis-infused jello shots. Other flavor options include, Blood Orange Honey, Watermelon Raspberry, Apple Lychee, and Blackberry Lemonade.

In a whole package, there are ten jello shots each containing 10mg of THC. Complement Cannabis also makes these in a 5mg option. One of the biggest highlights of this product is the ease and efficiency when consuming. Additionally, according to Joey, the taste is on point and receives a 9.5/10 when it comes to flavor.

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cannabis jello top weed products 2021
cannabis jello top weed products 2021 also

Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato by Cannatique

If one thing is certain about legal cannabis in the US, it is that California is nowhere short of premium flower, while many other states like New York and Florida see nothing but mids and hay. Not going any deeper into that today, we present to you another one of our favorite premium flower products of 2021 – Cannatique’s Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato in California.

Joey picked up an 8th of this top-shelf flower at Apothecary 420 in Shurman Oaks earlier this year. It was a product and strain that immediately came to mind when brainstorming top cannabis products of 2021. It sells for around $80-85, making it one of the most expensive 8ths on the market. Since it’s hyped as the best weed on the West Coast, Joey had to give it a shot to confirm. He gave it a score of 96/100 because “the flavor and taste on this is really immaculate. This is one of the smoothest, fruitiest, best-tasting strains I’ve ever tried. Honestly, hands down.”

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lemon cherry gelato also

Birkinz by Winners Circle Genetics

2021 seemingly brought more celebrity/cannabis collaborations than ever. From Justin Bieber’s new pre-rolls to Mike Tyson’s cannabis line in Colorado, many musicians, athletes, and actors have joined the green rush. Though some of these celebrity lines are misses, one artist doing it incredibly well is Quavo with his brand Huncho Farms. In collaboration with the Migos rapper, Winners Circle Genetics creates Birkinz, a potent indica strain.

This heavy hitting strain is consistently above 30% when it comes to THC content, making it stronger than most flower on the market. From our experience, this strain is deliciously smooth and clean. It offers a potentially relaxing high, making it a solid choice for the evening or right before bed.

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birkinz top cannabis 2021
birkinz top cannabis 2021 also

Saucy Obama Diamond Sauce by Common Roots

Saucy Obama is intriguing for more than just its name. Crafted by Common Roots, this Washington state concentrate product is one of our favorites in the PNW market. The Saucy Obama Diamond Sauce is a mysterious product with little to no genetic information out there. Despite its unknown history, it is a high quality oil product that offers an enjoyable and potent high. All around – between taste, smell, smoke, and effects – this is a highly recommended Washington state cannabis product.

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saucy obama 2021 marijuana products
saucy obama 2021 marijuana products also

Peanut Sundae by Tarus

Peanut Sundae by Tarus was one of our favorite flower products in Washington state in 2021. This exciting strain is a mix of Leafly’s strain of the year, Do-Si-Dos, and another beloved strain called Sundae Driver. It is an indica-leaning hybrid that potentially offers a wide variety of effects, making it a versatile option for any time of the day.

Tarus is a newer brand out of Washington. They grow their flower in an innovative way using a proprietary deep water technology, soaking the roots in a big bucket, similar to hydroponics. This loads the plants up with nutrition, creating potent, clean, and terpene-rich flower.

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peanut sundae 2021 cannabis products
peanut sundae 2021 cannabis products also

Banana Punch Resin by Refine

Another concentrate out of Washington state that is worthy of a spot on this list is Banana Punch Resin by Refine. This evenly balanced hybrid strain is a cross between Banana OG and and Purple Punch. While there are many hybrids on the market, not many are as even of a blend as Banana Punch. This makes it a great strain for nearly anytime of the day and any occasion, making it a no-brainer when recommending a quality concentrate product in Washington state.

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banana punch refine washington cannabis top
banana punch refine washington cannabis top also

Dirty Banana Kush Breath by Skord

Banana seemed to be a very popular flavor this year in cannabis. One brand that has taken this flavor and made it their own is SKöRD with their Dirty Banana Kush Breath. This strain is a cross between Ghost OG and Skunk OG.

SKöRD is a Washington-based brand known for their exclusive and limited drops of their high quality cannabis products, including concentrates and flower. It is recommended that you keep an eye on their website regularly if you’re trying to cop any of their products. They keep an updated list of what is dropping, with details on when and where to find them.

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best cannabis products 2021
best cannabis products 2021

Apple Fritter by SubX

Our masked reviewer purchased this Apple Fritter flower at the Reef at Capital Hill. This hybrid strain crosses Animal Cookies and Sour Apple and won a High Times award in 2016. In his review, he said it tastes like an apple pie drink made with Everclear. He gives it a 89 for taste with an overall rating of 90.

Apple Fritter is packed in super nice, small jars. The branding is good and has lots of info listed, including the linage and THC content. Our masked reviewer gave it a 90 for presentation; the buds are beautiful and small. The color is almost completely purple with coded with sugary apple pie trichomes. He gives the appeal a 90, the potency a 90, and the experience a 90. However, he gave it a 92 for recommending it, so go ahead and try this sugary delight for a sweet and fresh experience.                                                     

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subx apple fritter top weed products 2021
subx apple fritter top weed products 2021 also

GMO by Legendary Labs

GMO is an interesting strain with a very funky taste. Our masked reviewer said, though it tastes like sweaty feet, it’s still delicious. He rated the taste as a 97 and gave it a 96 overall. The product comes in a normal glass jar, but on the top, they wax-stamped the Legendary Labs logo, a lion. Our masked reviewer gives it a 90 for presentation, 93 for appeal, and a 97 for smell. The potency was rated at a 92, but watching the review, we determined that it’s very potent and his potency review may not be accurate.

It’s a higher price point item, however, it’s a good splurge if you want something nice and tasty.  

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GMO concentrate cannabis product

Photo by Jeff W on Unsplash

Dream Jam Berry Seltzer by LEVIA

The Dream Jam Berry Seltzer was picked up in downtown Boston. The beverage contains 5mg of THC per can, which is the Massachusetts limit. 

Mitch would not usually drink a 5 mg drink, however, he said it might be good for a family event where he can relax without getting too high. This is also a great choice for novice consumers. There’s a child safety lid to protect accidental consumption, and other than that, it’s a standard can. 

There’s full spectrum C02 extraction, which is strain specific, and separates the cannabis terpenes and puts it back into the drink. Due to the way that it’s infused, the drink gives a fuller high. The infusion technology also allows it to hit within 10-15 minutes versus the hour or so other edibles usually take to kick in.  

It’s berry-flavored, carbonated, and not overwhelmingly sweet or artificial. It’s good, refreshing, and Mitch gives it a 9/10 on taste with a nice mild high. 

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jam berry thc seltzer from Levia
The Dream Jam Berry Seltzer cannabis beverage product

Tropical Kush by Ray’s Lemonade

Tropical Kush is a 100 mg beverage for around $20, which is a good price point for a dosage this intense. The cap at the bottom serves as a serving cup in case the user wants to measure it out.

The drink needs to be shaken, and when you sip it, it resembles the taste of a piña colada. There’s a strong hint of cannabis on the aftertaste, but there are no remnants in the drink. It’s not too fizzy, and the flavor is not overwhelmingly sweet or artificial tasting.

Mitch gives it an easy 9.5/10 on the taste and across the board. With a drink this strong, it’s nearly impossible to fully mask the taste of cannabis. However, this lemonade gives a fruity and smooth flavor profile. Mitch recommends it and would buy it again. 

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rays lemonade tropical kush
tropical kush beverage cannabis product

Watermelon Kiwi Fruit Nom Noms by Craft Elixirs (Pioneer Squares)

Our CEO Mitch says he would eat this edible even if it wasn’t infused, making this one of our top recommended weed products of 2021. The taste is so good, with every bite packed with fruity goodness.

This amazing edible product in Washington was purchased at the Reef in Seattle. It was recommended by the budtender there and we’re glad we picked it up.

The Watermelon Kiwi Fruit Noms are 10 milligrams each and give a subtle effect for daily users. For a novice consumer, these edibles are easy to bite in half for a smaller dose. The texture can also be molded with your hands without becoming sticky or making a mess.

Mitch gave it a 9.2/10 for the effects, but 10/10 on the taste.

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pioneer squares fruit nom nom
watermelon edibles

Xeno by Alien Labs

The Xeno strain from Alien Labs at the Cookies Hayward dispensary is an indica hybrid cross of the Zkittlez and Kush Mints strains. It is a nice potent smoke with a high, out-of-this-world flavor. It’s a vibrant green with orange hairs and some dark green hints of color.

Xeno has the sweetness from the skittles but also delivers a hint of Kush Mints. It’s a nice mix of both strains. There’s a bunch of different profiles going on at once. It’s complex and makes you want to go back for more. Mitch gives it a 9.4/10 on taste. We highly recommend trying it for yourself.

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alien labs xeno strain
2021 cannabis products

Biscotti by Lifted Cannabis

Biscotti is a super popular strain that hit the scene hard. This luxury line tastes sweet and creamy, almost like you took a sugar cookie and covered it with cream cheese or buttercream frosting. 

It’s hard to tell what color the weed is under the dense layer of frosty trichomes. However, breaking it apart reveals hues of green and purple with dashes of orange pistols. There’s a strawberries and cream smell that arises after lighting it up. 

Our masked reviewer gave it a score of 90 out of 100 overall, dubbing it one of our favorite cannabis products of 2021.

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Biscotti flower marijuana cannabis product

Photo by Weedmaps

Runtz 41 by Lucky Lou’s

Runtz 41 is a superb strain that gives off a musky, gassy, and creamy scent that is very similar to baked goods. The buds are super purple, with lots of trichomes, vibrant orange hairs, and frost. 

Our CEO Mitch is a big fan of Lucky Lou’s, which has been curating a lot of great cannabis strains. He said he’s not been less than impressed with anything he’s grabbed from the brand. The cut is fire. He gives it a 9/10, maybe a 9.5/10. It’s a great-tasting weed that mixes Gelato and Runtz. It’s definitely worth trying. 

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2021 cannabis products

Serbacio 2.0 by Tranquil Forest

The Sherbacio 2.0 from Tranquil Forest came highly recommended. Tranquil Forest is one of the hottest craft cannabis brands in Washington State.

The bud is 22.1% THC, 25.1% THCA, and 0.1% CBD. It comes in sexy packaging with plenty of viewing space for the product. Tranquil is one of the most popping top-shelf brands in Washington right now. The jar is gassy, with a dull green covered in orange hair and trichomes with purple weaved in and out of it. It’s not overwhelmingly pungent but it’s a smell that you can’t get enough of. It gives off creamy-baked goodness that’s really pleasant without being overpowering. 

It’s a rollercoaster for your palate, with every taste profile coming at you in waves. That being said, Serbacio 2.0 by Tranquil Forest is a weed product we thoroughly enjoyed in 2021 and highly recommend.

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Sherbacio 2.0 strain
2021 cannabis products

Galactic Runtz by House of Cultivar

The Galactic Runtz strain from House of Cultivar’s Grand Cru Line is a newer, exclusive limited release. The House of Cultivar really dives into the quality in this line and delivers top-notch cannabis products.

The nug structure is big, which doesn’t resemble traditional Runtz. These are Runtz on steroids. These galactic nugs are asteroid-sized Runtz nugs. 

The flower is described as creamy, gassy, and earthy. Our CEO Mitch rated it as a 9.9/10, which is a rare perfect or near-perfect score. Mitch said he really digs the Gelato/Runtz combination and considers it a personal favorite profile of his. This was one of the best flower products we tried in 2021 period, this is some supreme fire!

Great nugs, great looks, bag appeal, texture, breakdown … it hits all the marks. 

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galactic runtz house of cultivar
galactic runtz nugs cannabis

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