Washington is approaching the end of our second year of legal cannabis and it’s time to reveal the top-selling strains of 2017. Using Top Shelf Data, we found the best-selling strains and it’s safe to say that despite all of the rain and gray, Seattle is an active city.

Sativas were the most popular strains smoked by Washingtonians which makes sense with how active we really are here in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you are hiking, going to a concert or just needed a boost to finish the day, you most likely smoked one of these this past year.

Top Selling Strains Of 2017

 Blue Dream

Top selling strain of 2017Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant strain that is a potent cross between blueberry and Haze. Typically this strain ranges between 17-24% THC and users describe Blue Dream’s high as uplifting, euphoric and calming. Blue Dream also usually has a sweet taste on the inhale and a berry pie taste on the exhale. This top-selling head high has become the number one strain that keeps Seattle going through the gloomy days. A lot of brands choose to offer this strain due to its high yield and how easy it is to grow. The Legends Blue Dream is specifically a top-selling option here in WA.

Located At

  • Fweedom
  • Diego Pellicer

Gorilla Glue #4

2017 top selling

Gorilla glue has become a household name for any regular smoker in 2017. This heavy euphoric and relaxing hybrid should have you feeling “glued” to the couch. It’s earthy and sour aromas are inherited from the parent crosses of Chem sister, sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. The THC level of this strain ranges between 25-28% and makes for a good “Sunday Funday” strain.

This strain is being dragged into court because it uses the same name as the popular adhesive company, Gorilla Glue. That company won a legal battle which is why cannabis brands are now becoming more creative with the branded name for this strain of cannabis. For example, one brand renamed their strain “Harambe” after the gorilla who was shot a few years back. With the market being flooded with this strain. it might be hard to decide which farm’s version is right for you. The RMR team recommends Gabriel Cannabis.

Located At

  • Herb n Elements
  • Belmar

Green Crack

Top selling of 2017

Green Crack was one of those strains that people were hesitant to smoke in the beginning of the recreational cannabis market. The name was a bit intimidating, but as it became normalized throughout the working cannabis industry, people began falling for its sharp energy and focus high. Some have called it the working weed. It has a tangy, fruity flavor that has a light mango note on the inhale.This Sativa Dominant hybrid is a cross of Skunk #1 and an Afghani strain. No wonder why Seattle loves this strain, its perfect for the active lifestyle that we live here in the Northwest. We suggest you try the cut from Clandestine Gardens.

Located at

  • Cannabis City
  • Ruckus