What defines “top-shelf cannabis?” There are some reasons to push a product to be top-shelf that surrounding potency, growing technique, and visual appeal. Sometimes though, it can, unfortunately, be used to create appeal for a less-than-stunning product.

Who sets this standard? As a consumer, how can you be sure that you’re purchasing a true product of this caliber? The requirements on the different qualities of extracts appear evident. There seems to be a universal agreement on those. There is some room for interpretation, which is evident in the variety of selections available in legal and illegal markets.

Being labeled high-end cannabis gets you the best display spots in the store. Budtenders will also recommend your products more to consumers. This means that it is important both as a grower or producer and as a consumer it is important to understand what places a product at that level.

Top-shelf cannabis needs to meet certain requirements. You may have read the difference between reggie, mids, and fire article. Those same requirements apply to top-shelf cannabis. However, branding can also be incorporated into this decision, especially in certain legal markets.

Be Sure You're Really Buying Top-Shelf Weed

How To Tell If You’ve Been Buying Mids For Years

Smell, looks, potency, and flavor are all important when determining if cannabis is worth of being on full display in a store. Top-shelf cannabis that smells like hay typically isn’t the first choice of consumers looking for a high-end product. Also contributing to a product receiving this coveted shelf space or label is the presentation.

High-end cannabis has to at least smell good, be potent, look good, and taste like a range of flavors. These should be your bare minimum expectations when purchasing cannabis, especially when it is labeled as top-shelf. You may have different expectations of what is required to have this label and that’s fine.

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The White Runtz Strain

Examples of Top-Shelf Cannabis

List NOT organized based on quality.

  1. Whoa-Si-Whoa
  2. The Gelatti
  3. Runtz
  4. Mimosa
  5. Candy Rain
  6. Garanimals
  7. London Poundcake 53
  8. Gelonade
  9. Pink Runtz
  10. Biscotti
  11. Candyland Cookies
  12. Gelato
  13. Gary Payton
  14. White Runtz
  15. Samoas
Cookies' Gary Payton Strain Pays Homage To The Legendary Seattle SuperSonic

Gary Payton Strain by Cookies

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