Damn Mpyre is back at it again with his Top10 series?  What does he have for us the Top10 in rotation March list?

For the Top10 in Rotation March playlist, I have some dope new music from local rappers repping the Northwest. I know a lot of rappers get extra salty whenever ‘lists’ are put together so we’re gonna keep things quick and easy. This is not intended to be a 1 through 10 ranking and is just put together in a basic list format.

It’s also super important to remember to try not to get butt-hurt when you’re music isn’t on our page or isn’t thought of THAT highly.  I have my own opinion and pick music to feature from the tracks we receive in our Respect My Region email inbox.

Are you mad your boy’s sister’s most recent boyfriend isn’t on the list? Tell their ass to send us press releases that make sense and remind them to stop spamming us links on Twitter.

Without any further ranting, here is the top 10 joints that were in my inbox this month.

Top10 In Rotation March

1. King Leez – Acceptance

Leezy drops the visual to his track ‘Acceptance’ off Supreme BeingThis record goes hard. The whole project goes hard. Definitely something you need to pick up.

2. Clemm Rishad – What A Feeling

Clemm is a Northwest OG and when I saw Streetrunner produced this track I had to have my guy Prezwell Jackson shoot it over. This sample has been a little played out over the years but it fits Clemm perfectly. THIS IS HEAT!

3. Huey P – Stupid

Huey P releases his first solo track since Did You Get The Message. Don’t be fooled by the ignorant feel, Huey is saying some real shit!

4. Michael Zoah – Hang Back

Michael Zoah took a 5 month hiatus from music and is back with a vengeance alongside his usual counterpart, D.Shuts. These guys make bangers…PERIOD!

5. Sol – Happiness

Sol’s been repping the town all over the country for a while and is getting ready to head back on tour again. I’m surprised this doesn’t have the plays he was getting a while back since this record does have a great feel to it.

6. SPAC3MAN – Bought It

I ran into Spac3 at one of Huey P’s shows a few nights back and he said he’s getting ready to release more new music. I made sure he sent me the link before we went our separate ways and now I’m bumping some of his anthem-slappers pretty regularly.

7. Brainstorm – Family Matters ft. Mike Mack

Brain stepping behind the mic for the first time in a while is always worth checking out and he grabbed the homie Mike Mack out of retirement for this new track ‘Family Matters.’ Don’t let that cover art fool you, this one slaps!

8. B. Cole – So Cinematic ft. Reno Red

B. Cole is a name I’ve been seeing pop up over Facebook and social media quite a bit lately. I had to ask my man Prezwell Jackson what the hype was about and he put me on. Definitely worth checking out more of dude’s music.

9. Draze – Seattle Sweeties

Draze is new to my radar but has been putting in work for a while now. I just scoped his upcoming project and recommend it to all fans of Seattle hip-h0p and rap. He has a very mature sound and Seattle Sweeties is something most of us can relate to.

10. ROBy – Around It

This one is cool but I honestly don’t mess with the hook too much. Aside from the hook he went in on the verses and the visual is DOPE.

That is it for our ‘Top10 In Rotation March’ list! Did you miss last months list, check that out here!

Again, if your salty because you or your boy isn’t on the list…book more studio time, and make sure to email us that press release for next month’s list. 

Blog photo by: @visualsubject

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