They say it’s always summer in California and I think all of that sunshine has given Tope a fresh approach to his music. On his new single, “Again & Again,” not only is Tope’s lyricism on point but his delivery sounds polished. His rhymes sit neatly in the pocket of his self-produced beat, which features himself playing the bass and keys. I think moving away from sample-based production has helped him refine his skills all-around and truly get into his bag.

“First they hate, then they love, then they hate you again

I never spent time with my haters tryin’ to make them my friends.

I was rollin’ in my bucket tryin’ to make it a Benz

Yeah, I took a couple L’s tryin’ to make it a win.”

Excerpt from verse one on “Again & Again”

Right from the start, a vibrant and energizing beat kicks in. Then, Tope brings this super bouncy cadence, making it almost impossible to not want to start groovin’. Based on how this song sounds, I think it’s safe to say that this summer will be hotter than an oven. Especially, if Tope is planning on dropping an album anytime soon.

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