Topic, the 27-year producer and DJ from Germany sat down with Respect My Region for an exclusive interview. After the release of his new hit song “Breaking Me,” Topic takes time to reflect on the past year and what he looks forward to going into the new year. After touching on the new sound that he’s created, known as “melancholic” dance music Topic looks to continue to bring new music from the genre. Don’t forget to check out his new song, “Breaking Me” below!

Exclusive Topic Interview

*This interview was edited for clarity*

Congrats on the release of “Breaking Me” – What has the feedback been like since its release?

Thank you. The feedback since the release has been crazy! “Breaking Me” is the best starting song I’ve ever had – even compared to the single “Home” feat. Nico Santos, which grew into an enormous hit in 2016.

What sorts of things inspired the track?

Let me take you through my usual process of creating a track: before we start writing a song we get together as a group and everyone talks about what currently goes on in their lives and what moves them. These topics are processed in songs. “Breaking Me” is about a situation in a relationship with a certain dependency, in which one always gives a little more and “Breaks” because of that. However, a song itself is not always about a certain situation that has been experienced by yourself – but an emotion that many might know and could empathize with.


How long were you working on it and what did the creative process look like?

The initial idea of the song we had at a session in Berlin, but we didn’t work on the track for almost two-months because we got stuck. Until we proceeded to work on it on a songwriting trip in Miami. What I also always do is when I think a track is finished, I listen to it loudly while driving. It kinda has to be “car-approved.”

Looking back on 2019, how do you feel about it!? Did it meet your expectations!?

2019 was a steady year for me. It didn’t have any significant highs or lows. But 2020 started with a bang! I’m very excited about what this year will bring. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be huge!

Do you have anything lined up for 2020 moving forward? Any projects? Big appearances?!

I’m currently working on developing a signature sound for the upcoming live shows and festival season. There will be many more live gigs this year, which I’m very excited about!


Is there anything that’s on the top of your list for next year? Could be a bucket list or something

I like to set myself achievable goals for every new year. This year it’s traveling to South Africa and to live there for a few weeks. I tend to soak up the vibes wherever I go and process them in my music. And to revolutionize my live sound, as there will be a lot of live gigs coming up this year. I want them to be memorable!

How is the electronic scene within Germany right now? Anything you can share?

The electronic scene within Germany has gotten quite monotonous for my liking. I created a style, which I like to call “melancholic dance music.” Songs bring up various kinds of emotion but at the same time, you just can’t stop your body from moving.

Do you feel like you have to represent your country when you’re traveling to different places around the world playing your music?

I don’t feel I have to represent my country when traveling to play my music, as I’m a child of the world – not a specific country or nation. Different cultures influence and enrich me and my sound.

When could we expect you to play a show around the Seattle area?! 

Whenever you want me to. I’d love to come and play a show around the Seattle area!

Topic, A7S – Breaking Me (Official Video)

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