If you’re tuned into the local music scene at all, Topp is an artist you definitely have heard about and are slipping up if you haven’t. Having worked with artists like Macntaj. Appearing as a feature on the track “Depressed” from Macs latest album 2020 Succs! and opening for Seattle star Travis Thompson on multiple occasions.

Topp is an exciting artist with a sound that’s as unique as his look. He’s been on this musical journey his entire life and has spent the entirety of it perfecting his voice. Growing up the son of Tri-Cities music OG Pasante Loving, he and his brother always wanted to rap for their dad and show him their skills. But, their dad always sent them back to their room because they needed to find their “voice.” This drove Topp to be his best and forced him to find his own source of creativity.

Listening to tracks like “He,” “All I Want In Life,” and “Pilot Plan” gives a good representation of how different Topp is song to song. Producing his own beats and kind of being a one man show he has total control over his music. Using his ability to go high or low with his voice on a very wide range he combines the two to create really his own genre of hip-hop. His latest track “All Day” ft. TheBoyBeerus is an aggressive track with a ghostly eminence. One of his more traditional hip-hop/trap type songs Topps versatility stills shines on this banger. Beerus holds it down on his end too coming with his own swag and confidence.

Topp – “All Day” Official Music Video

Recently, ahead of dropping his latest track “All Day” I had a chance to link up with Topp and talk about a few things.

Topp Exclusive Interview

This interview was edited for clarity*

Photo via: Topps Instagram
What was your upbringing like in the Tri-Cities?

I grew up with 3 sisters and 1 brother. My parents used to be pastors but later got divorced. It was different for most kids being around my dad though because he was a big deal in the local music scene. Some people may remember him, Pasente Loving.

What got you into making music?

My dad of course was a big inspiration for my brother and I and we always were wanting to impress him with our bars. My mom also sang in the choir so I’ve just been surrounded by music my whole life.

What are some inspirations you pull from beyond your dad?

Raz Simone is someone that really hit hard for me back in the day. He was the first North West artist I felt I resonated with. Since then, I get inspired just by a lot of whats around me. Washington has a unique perception on hip-hop, and I like to stand out.

Describe your sound and the development of it

To be honest, I’m still trying to figure out how I would classify my sound as because I try to be unique and different on each track. There was a time, while I was living in LA, I had realized I could do a really low and a high pitched voice. It took some time for me to learn how to merge them but one day it clicked and I’ve been grinding with it ever since. Always progressing.

What are some of your favorite tracks and why?

“Prettiest Star” because it’s so weird but I love the vibe of it and how it turned out. “He” is another big one for me, I made that song in honor of my father who’s passed. It was something I did for him but it was really also for me as a bit of closure in a way.

What is the most satisfying thing about making music?

Topp: Definitely seeing all the people that come to my shows and seeing them vibing and jumping around. I love feeling that energy and giving it back on stage. It’s awesome seeing people happy from my music and what I’m doing.

Lastly, hows quarantine been, what have you been doing to stay sane?

Topp: Really just been using it as an opportunity to work on my craft and get better. A lot of trimming weed too. I did re watch all of the original Avatar: The Last Air Bender, like the cartoon, that shits lit!


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