The Saving Sophie Experience fundraiser October 12th at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was a huge success! Everyone came dressed to the nines and had a memorable night despite a bit of rain. With the help of all those involved, the fundraiser was able to raise $150, 738 in donations!

There are countless people to thank, attendees and sponsors included. All the profits will go directly to the Saving Sophie Organization‘s pediatric and adult cancer research efforts. I had a moment to talk with founder and CEO, Tracy Ryan, about her daughter Sophie, and the progress they’ve made in quelling cancer with cannabis.

How And Why Was Saving Sophie Created?

“Within a year of Sophie’s birth, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. My husband and I spent countless hours trying to find reliable content to guide us online and elsewhere. We realized there needed to be a hub for reliable, intelligent content on the subject of pediatric cancer.” Tracy said she and her husband knew this content needed to come in a digestible form for other families.

From this resolution came the rock of the Saving Sophie Organization; research and education. Moving forward they’ve financially aided families, single mothers, and began taking on other patients for their alternative treatments. Currently, they have five patients enrolled in their program, Sophie included.

What Is Sophie’s Current Treatment?

Sophie is undergoing the typical treatment for a pediatric cancer patient. Tracy informed me that in addition to chemo and her prescribed medicines, Sophie is ingesting cannabis tinctures. “Two tinctures from CannaKids, one high in CBD, the other in THC.” She said these “amount to a 4:1 ratio of THC/CBD that exists in her regular consumption.” Tracy said she also consumes small amounts of THCa(100mg) and CBDA (50mg,) both of which are non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

Tracy told me Sophie recently went through brain surgery again for one of her tumors. Tracy said that it’s “like treating 2-3 cancers in one child; while one part is stable and shrinking, another part is still growing.” All the tinctures they use to treat Sophie regularly change when her prescribed medicine changes. This way they keep her from building up a tolerance to any of the tinctures.

What Have Been The Results?

Tracy reported that “these aren’t tumors that can traditionally shrink,” in relation to the rare Optic Pathway Glioma brain tumors she has. Tracy added that “she was able to go back to school in record time after her last surgery,” and that the “only explanation is the cannabis treatments.”

Saving Sophie Experience Raised Over 150K! Meet Founder Tracy Ryan

What Have Other Medical Professionals Said?

Tracy informed me that doctors have been largely stunned at the shrinkage on Sophie’s tumors. She said Sophie’s neurologist couldn’t help but acknowledge that “the only reason she isn’t having seizures right now is because of the CBD treatments.”

Sophie’s neurosurgeon also couldn’t explain how she healed from her brain surgery so quickly. Tracy remarked that “we now have discovered an incredible immune system response due to the cannabis treatments that explains what’s keeping patients like AJ and Morgan alive.”

How Have The Cannabis Treatments Affected Sophie’s Demeanor?

Upon being released from her second major brain surgery, Tracy told me “Sophie was able to return to school within a few days after the procedure.” Usually children leave surgery completely exhausted, with blackened eyes, and are very weak in the body.

Tracy said she barely noticed a change in Sophie’s strong personality before and after the surgery. This is highly unheard of when even an adult undergoes a procedure this intense.

What are the immediate and long-term goals of Saving Sophie?

Tracy and her team at Saving Sophie are always working towards “funding very necessary research, educating families in similar situations,” and “eliminating the cancer in our current pediatric patients completely, of course.”

More and more children are born with cancer every year, while Tracy reminded me that only “3.8% of Government funding goes to pediatric cancer research.”

How can others show support?

“The best way people can help is to donate to Saving Sophie,” Tracy said. All the profits they receive through the Saving Sophie Organization goes directly towards research. You can also look into some of the products from CannaKids, which Tracy Ryan also founded.