Travis Thompson’s highly anticipated release of Reckless Endangerment lights another wick on this young artist’s explosive career. Thompson is the ripest apple in Seattle’s rap scene right now. After touring with Macklemore, he was signed to, Epic Records, a label in the Sony conglomerate making Reckless Endangerment his first major-label album. In February of this year, his release of Runaways EP garnered much-earned attention in the community. Tracks such as Need You” earned 8 million streams on Spotify. His palpable flow tastes like eating Ben and Jerry’s with your longtime boo in June.

Reckless Endangerment ups the ante as Thompson captures the entire aesthetic of West Coast rap. The album opens with the track, “Duality.” Velvety orchestral drones walk us up the steps of pearly gates. He welcomes us to the mind of a man tethered to the tangible problems of life while knowing he’s destined for greatness. “Glass Ceiling” features some of Washington’s most prolific natives like Sir Mix-A-Lot, Macklemore, and Prometheus Brown. Tyler Dopps and Jake-One are teaming on the production of this legendary track and it shows through the perfect execution.

The duality of Thompson shines clear in the second half of the album. In the song “Don’t Run” Thompson enlightens us on the hometown and fame dichotomy. He takes the lessons he learned from shadows of his past and applies them to his current life. Melodic piano softens the blows of his biting bars. The nostalgia he feels when he reflects on his upbringing is relatable.

“I met a demon by the airport and he told me. Everybody with some weed is not your homie. Everybody with a million prolly lonely. Everybody needs fulfillment and it’s only said a few ways.”

At only 22 years old he seems to have mastered his sound, remained real, and shown us the most vulnerable parts of his life and psyche. His interview on Sway in the Morning shows his depth as he talks about social issues stemming from his Navajo roots and gentrification.

Reckless Endangerment flows on topics from drugs, to love, to loyalty. This year we have been constantly satiated by each single, EP and new album. His heart, maturity, and loyalty to Washington have led to the release of this masterful album.

Stream Travis Thompson’s Reckless Endangerment

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