Rap duo Tribe Mafia has finally released their highly anticipated debut album, TeePee Gang. The 8-track LP has been executed immensely well. The songs touch on all sorts of different meaningful sounds, word choices. There are even other local Texan artists for features to top it all off. The duo definitely opened the floodgates with this new album. Teepee Gang is a project that undoubtedly will receive positive feedback from the listeners.

The Austin-based duo has been fortunate to join global music icon Akon on tour and travel around the world. While simultaneously, they’re also known in their hometown for their quarterly “Tribe Mafia Listening Parties.” The duo has put together listening events of this sort to help build a rooted community. As well as offer a platform for other upcoming artists. The goal is to “showcase their talent and network with individuals with a common interest in music.” Hopefully, in the future, there can be more similar parties like that city-to-city and in every state in the country. 

“TeePee Gang” Available Now On All Streaming Services

It’s evident Tribe Mafia has done this a time or two before and that it isn’t their first rodeo prior to this new LP because song after song they bring the heat. Not only that but as a music listener, you can feel the effortless passion coming through the speakers. This is a duo you definitely want to follow along with as they produce more and more music with uplifting and welcoming energy. In some sense, in today’s world, it seems like it’s rare to find natural talent with a good ear so when good music and artists come around it’s important to enjoy it and be a part of it. 

Tribe Mafia – Teepee Gang

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