1980’s pop music has an unmistakable sound defined by synthesizers and catchy hooks with the potential to be stuck in your head for decades. While many of us weren’t alive to appreciate the glory years of Madonna, WHAM, or Prince. Seattle based band, Trick Candles, is bringing 80’s pop nostalgia to 2018.

Prisilla Ray is the Sales Director at Soulshine Cannabis and has moonlighted as a musician for over 11 years. After her former bands, Sweet Pups and Cute Lepers separated, she decided to form Trick Candles with Robbie Luna after hearing some of his demos. “We’re both weird, kindred spirits totally obsessed with 80’s music,” Ray said. The couple is also in a Prince cover band together and is living 2018 “strangely stuck in that decade.”

Trick Candles

Photo by RAD Creative

One of the key tenants to 80’s pop music is it has to be danceable at an infectious level. While Seattle crowds tend to be more reserved, Ray enjoys coaxing out their inner backup dancer. Songs like, “Pretend We’re Alone,” the title track of their latest record is about letting loose and dancing like nobody is watching. Seeing people let go and have some fun to the song is exactly what it was made for. “Fast Times” is another track crowds really respond too, Ray said.

Trick Candles has performed all over the city, but Ray has a particular fondness for Neumos and the Crocodile. Not only do those venues give the band more “street cred” for performing at them, but they’re also the home to Dancing On The Valentine. This is an annual leukemia benefit that the band routinely plays. These benefit shows are always packed, rowdy and with all the proceeds going to an important cause, they’re hard venues to beat.

“We’re both weird, kindred spirits totally obsessed with 80’s music”

Belltown is one of Ray’s constant go-to neighborhoods in the city. While the “tech bros” have taken over Capitol Hill and made it a bit too trendy for many locals. Belltown has kept its cool vibes with a plethora of new video game bars and other fun places opening their doors. Playing Big Buck at the Screwdriver Bar is one of Ray’s favorite things to do in the neighborhood. But, there are plenty of venues and restaurants worth checking out like Shorty’s and Jupiter Bar. “Belltown consistently stays the same in a really beautiful way,” Ray said.

Be on the lookout for a new single that was just recorded and a record coming sometime in Spring 2019. You can catch Trick Candles live during the inaugural night of Respect My Region’s second-annual Seattle World Tour, January 8 at Nectar Lounge.

Catch Trick Candles During The Seattle World Tour This January