When TroyBoi hit the stage, it was as if the world had stopped – or at least my world did. If you know me, you know I love TroyBoi – for a wide array of reasons. TroyBoi has been a favorite of mine since OG SoundCloud days. When I received the word that Respect My Region was invited to cover the show with Holly, I fought for my rightful spot. The concert took place the same day that his brand new EP, “V!BEZ, Vol. 2” was released.

The first opener was a bit left-field and not the vibe or energy that would follow, namely TroyBoi. My assumption is that he was a local artist. It was so farfetched that I didn’t bother to catch any grooves, or his name. The crowd remained light up until the second act, which brought the appropriate electronic and trap-infused sounds to get the crowd amped and ready for TroyBoi. I didn’t catch her name either, but she was on point.

Upon arrival, I realized I was dressed like someone’s father, but I did not let that restrict my moves. I came to dance, and dance is what I did! After a few shots of tequila with Holly, I started to loosen up and shedding the layers of clothing until I ended up shirtless and in the groove. The crowd was alive and in good form. I danced with so many strangers that night – living for each beat.

Photo Credit: Holly Singh of ZHOVisuals

By the time TroyBoi hit the stage, it was a wrap. The trapeze, the guest singer on “Frustrated“, and the visuals amplified the sex appeal of it all. Destiny, an upcoming singer, was adorned in an outfit reminiscent of Aaliyah’s “Try Again” music video styling. It was a pleasant surprise to finally put a face to the voice that I had been emulating for the past few weeks as I was growing to love their collaboration. They were joined on stage by a violinist (anyone remember Miri Ben Ari?) and kept the party pumping.

I would be lying to you if I said I remembered the entire set list. What I remember most about TroyBoi’s set was the massive amount of energy and lights. I had to make an untimely exit, because — you see me and tequila had not shared space for quite some time before that night, and I was not going to blow chunks at TroyBoi or his beautiful crowd. I was just glad to be in the same space, at the same time, with such a beautiful and talented man. Needless to say, there were no “Afterhours” that got me charged.