I think most of us can attest that there’s just a different, sweeter feeling when you obtain something you’ve put a crazy amount of work into. Whether it was buying those sneakers after saving up checks from your fast food job, closing those 18 tabs you had open while writing that term paper, or finally getting that date after gaming a girl down for months. Those sacrifices made make it rain gratification like a dopamine piñata when you reach your goals. SeaTac rapper Truly Adub visually and sonically captures this euphoric feeling with his debut music video for “Sacrifices.”

If anyone can tell you what it’s like to see groundwork laid come into fruition, it’s Truly Adub. Popping up on the scene back in 2015, Truly has been working his way up the ladder for years by dropping hot singles, performing countless shows at local venues, and putting together a strong first project in Young Poseidon. During this time of building up his rapport in the scene, Truly was also securing his degree from UW Foster’s School of Business.

Featuring one of the hottest artists Seattle has to offer in Keshawn, “Sacrifices” is Truly’s most polished song yet (shout out to Milo Eubank for the super clean mix)! Electing to go with his melodic delivery, Truly sings about the fruits of his labor and the necessary precautions running through his head to make sure he doesn’t lose them. By adding layers of harmonizing “woaaaaah”’s and “yeeaaaah”’s, this song is rich, full, and triumphant. The Keshawn feature comes in as a perfect change of pace, but stays the course in terms of the jubilant emotion this song permeates. Overall, this is a wonderful track to celebrate to whether you got a promotion or you’re just proud you made it to Friday.

Truly Adub – “Sacrifices” ft. Keshawn

Perhaps the most exciting part about this track though is that we finally got some Truly Adub visuals! How about those beautiful shots of the two Black Heart Gang members at Eagle Falls, huh? All those masterfully captured moments were shot by @Jaldoh and that crazy edit was done by @SonFilms. Truly wanted y’all to know he already has a new video in the works for a song titled “Lonely”, so if you like what you saw, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that as well!

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With “Gucci Purses” featuring Shawn Parker, his next single set to drop, is gaining a lot of buzz via teasers from Instagram. It seems like Truly Adub is gearing up to have himself quite the 2019. Be sure to follow him on Instagram @TrulyAdub and his artists pages on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud so you don’t miss any of the drops. We can’t wait to see all those sacrifices pay off for the young SeaTac artist!